7 Amazing White Gold Earrings You'll Want to Wear Every Day ...


White Gold Earrings are a chic choice of everyday jewelry, but they're also great for special occasions. If you’re not a fan of traditional yellow gold jewelry, white gold is a stylish alternative. From studs to hooks, there are a range of white gold earrings available. While they may look like silver jewelry, white gold jewelry tends to be more expensive. Take a look at some wonderful white gold earrings below.

1. Anito Ko Spike White Gold Earrings

Anito Ko Spike White Gold Earrings

Price: $325.00 at net-a-porter.com

These stud earrings are great if you want to add some edge to your everyday jewelry.

They’re made from 14-karat white gold and feature pyramid stud faces.

They also have a slightly distressed finished and a butterfly fastening.

Despite being a bit edgier, I think these earrings are still subtle enough to be worn every day.

2. Jennifer Meyer White Gold Wishbone Earrings

Jennifer Meyer White Gold Wishbone Earrings

Price: $275.00 at barneys.com

Add a bit of luck to your jewelry collection with this white gold earrings.2

They have an offbeat wishbone design and are made from 19-karat white gold.2

They have a post fastening back with a 9mm drop.

3. Ileana Makri X-Stud Earrings

Ileana Makri X-Stud Earrings

Price: $1090.00 at barneys.com

X marks the spot with these stunning white gold earrings.

These X-shaped 18-karat gold earrings are set with pave diamonds.

The design is less traditional than most earring designs, but it’s something that I think works quite well in a modern setting.

4. Wouters & Hendrix Diamond Cluster Earrings

Wouters & Hendrix Diamond Cluster Earrings

Price: $1431.50 at lagarconne.com

These diamond cluster earrings can take you from day to night.

They have 18-karat white gold hooks with diamond clusters at the drop.

They also have a clutch back fastening.

However, the price tag on these white gold earrings will definitely be leaving you more than a little bit out of pocket.

Charles Garnier White Gold Earrings
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