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You might not think that there are many inventive, innovative ways of wearing pearls, but that's not true at all.

The classic ideas are beautiful, of that there is no doubt, but since pearls themselves are so classic and elegant, they look really great when you do something edgy and unexpected.

I love wearing pearls myself, so I'm always looking for new ideas.

If you love them as well, and want some new ideas, take a look at this eclectic mix, where you'll find traditional ways to wear pearls along with some fresh new ideas.

1. Pretty Ears


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If you're interested in wearing pearls and you don't want to go with the traditional necklace, decorate your ears!

Pearl earrings are precious.

2. Barefoot Sandals

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You can also wear your pearls on your ankles and toes, which is a wonderful alternative to the traditional bracelet.2

3. Colored Pearls

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Adding a touch of color is a great way to be both edgy and elegant with your pearl jewelry.

4. Bling Bracelets

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Pearl bracelets are quite beautiful, but if you don't want the same old simple bracelet, find something with a little flash and dazzle.

5. A Sartorial Tangle

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This mixes colored pearls and an interesting design.

Those tangles make for a chunky, funky look.

6. Lovely Layers

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There's something beautifully vintage about layered strands of pearls.

I suggest varying the size of the pearls themselves as well.

7. A Take on Double Strands

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This is like two necklaces in one – and you have to admit, versatile jewelry is always awesome.3

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