9 Absolutely Stunning Necklaces That Make a Statement ...


When you wear necklaces that make a statement, you really take your outfit up a notch.

Even if you're wearing a plain tee and skinnies, a statement necklace will send your look from the land of so-so into the stratosphere of high style.

The best part is that there are so many different necklaces that make a statement, you can easily find something that works with your personal aesthetic.

Don't believe me?

Just take a look!

1. A Statement in Pink

A Statement in Pink

I adore pink necklaces that make a statement, partly because a good portion of my wardrobe is devoted to black and white.

Something pink, whether it's vibrant hot pink or softly feminine like ModCloth's What About Bauble?

Necklace (for just $21.99, by the way), can add a luscious bit of loveliness to your ensemble.

Beads are always a great way to make a statement, so check out similar pink necklaces or beaded pieces at ASOS, Ruche, and Forever 21.

2. Simple but Chic

Simple but Chic

You can make a statement while still being subtle.

Sometimes some chunky links or a single eye-catching detail does the trick.

Vince Camuto's “Rope Royalty” Bib Necklace is an excellent example.2

It's available at Nordstrom for $68, but there are inspired, affordable pieces pretty much everywhere, in gold, silver, bronze, and pewter.

3. Sharp and Pointy Style

Sharp and Pointy Style

Most statement necklaces are colorful, but that doesn't mean you can't get a little edgy too.

The spikes on this $27.15 Warehouse Coral Statement Necklace from ASOS add some punk rock appeal to the jewels and coral pieces.

I suggest checking out Torrid for some hardcore statement necklaces too.

4. Ride the Wild Side

Ride the Wild Side

A lot of necklaces that make a statement feature animals.

It's becoming a big trend, so you can find pretty much any animal in any color from places like ASOS, Ruche, and Anthropologie.

I for one am mad for the feathered Perchin Place or Thing Necklace from ModCloth, which you can snatch for just $19.99.

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