7 Ways to Give Jewelry Romantically ...

When you are gifting jewelry to a #woman, it’s never a bad idea to brainstorm ways to give jewelry romantically! If you’re going to spend the #money on a nice chunk of jewels, it’s better to give it to her with a little more ceremony than the box it came in! If you are stumped and in need of a few ways to give jewelry romantically, keep on reading because I’ve got you covered. You’ll find some lovely suggestions #below!

1. Dinner Time

If you think that I’m about to tell you to hide the ring in her champagne glass, don’t worry! I have other ways to give jewelry romantically that are a bit more original than that! For this tip, you would either need access to a pottery shop, or a little artistic flair all your own. In between courses, have the ring (or other jewelry item) served up on a plate that has been inscribed with the #words of your choice. If you don’t have a pottery shop nearby, consider painting the plate yourself.