4. Other Alternatives

There’s obviously more than Moissanite or Diamonds.

Other beautiful options that might be more of what you’re looking for include the following.

- Alexandrite

- Sapphire

- Amethyst

- Aquamarine

- Citrine

- Lapis Lazuli

- Moonstone

- Paraiba Tourmaline

- Emerald

- Rubellite

- Spinel

- Tanzanite

- Topaz

- Morganite

- Garnet

- Jade

- Pearl

- Tourmaline

- Opal

- Ruby

- Peridot

- Turquoise

- Zircon

Hopefully, it’s clear to see there are some really great alternatives to a diamond.

Do some research and it’s easy to find other gem stones that will open your mind to other possibilities and require less money to show the commitment you’re about to embark on.

Less money doesn’t mean cheap, it just means not being exploited for the romanticism of having diamonds and giving in to the diamond industries high price tag.

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