7 Good Reasons to Invest in Jewelry ...


7 Good Reasons to Invest in Jewelry ...
7 Good Reasons to Invest in Jewelry ...

Every year for Christmas and birthdays, I give my girls (and often myself) a piece of jewelry, something glittering and gorgeous and something I know they’ll treasure for years. To justify the expense, I explain that good jewelry is an investment, something that gains in value over time, especially if it’s from a classic designer, like Tiffany. If you’re considering a purchase, but just aren’t sure, keep reading… I can help! Here are 7 good reasons to invest in jewelry.

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As an Heirloom

The pieces of jewelry I give my girls may well be handed down for generations as heirlooms, so they have to be authentic, and they have to stand up over time. So it’s worth every penny I spend to think that my great-great granddaughter may one day wear that ring on her wedding day, or those pearls at her commencement.


For Beauty

Let’s face it. There’s a reason jewelry is so valuable. It’s gorgeous! So why not buy it and wear it, especially for special occasions? Treat yourself to a gorgeous 2-carat amethyst or sapphire ring, or a stunning statement pendant, and wear it so you can enjoy the beauty of it.


To Build Your Collection of Classic Pieces

Aside from the pieces I buy my daughters, I also have my own collection I’ve been adding to over the years. I adore some of the pieces, while others just have sentimental value, having been given to me by older relatives and friends. I wear them when I can, and I love the history of it.


You’ll Never Be Broke

If you have a collection of jewelry, you will never, ever be broke. If you have an expense you can’t meet with your savings, you can always sell a piece of jewelry for cash. It’s not easy to part with pieces, but I’ve used them to get myself out of a jam on many an occasion.


To Commemorate a Special Event

Aside from birthdays and holidays, there are lots of special occasions that can be commemorated with a piece of fine jewelry. Christenings, graduations, weddings, anniversaries — any or all of these are an ideal special event to commemorate with a gorgeous glittering gift!


You Get What You Pay for

If you spend your money on jewelry that’s a step down from fine jewelry, you’ll find it doesn’t last. It’s also not as beautiful as the real thing, and won’t keep its value over time. Spend a little more and get the real thing, rather than spend a little less on costume pieces. Remember, you get what you pay for.


They Have the Best Designs!

There’s a reason that designer brands of fine jewelry are so pricey. It’s because their craftsmanship is top-notch and their pieces are beautiful and timeless. If you’re going to invest in jewelry, spend the little bit more and get a design you’ll love for years and years to come.

These are all very good, well-thought-out reasons to invest I fine jewelry… have I convinced you? Will you, or have to invested in a good piece of jewelry, and why? Do tell!

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