7 Tips on Caring for Your Jewelry ...


7 Tips on Caring for Your Jewelry ...
7 Tips on Caring for Your Jewelry ...

If you’re going to invest in fine jewelry, it’s important to know how to care for it, to keep your investment in the best condition possible. It’s also a good idea to care for your costume jewelry, since it can extend the life of some of your favorite pieces! Not sure how? I can help! After lots of research and a long meeting with my jeweler, here are 7 tips on caring for your jewelry.

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Inspect It

Before and after wearing your jewelry, look at it carefully for any damage. Be sure to check prongs and clasps, and look for any loose stones. It’s nearly impossible to find a tin stone once it’s fallen out of a piece of jewelry, and worse still, it’s sometimes hard to tell when a piece you’re wearing has broken and fallen off! So before you wear something, and then as you’re putting it away, check the whole piece carefully for wear and tear. If necessary, buy a jeweler’s loop.


Store It Safely

It’s amazing how many of us just toss our fine jewelry in a heap on our dresser or vanity, or dump it in a tangled clump in a jewelry box. Hang your necklaces and bracelets, or store them in boxes made to hold them. This prevents kinks and tangles, which can be costly to repair.


Don’t Use Hairspray or Perfume

Perfume and hairspray can both damage jewelry, or at least tarnish it, so always apply these BEFORE you put on your jewelry. If you do accidentally get something on it, wipe it away as quickly as possible.


Don’t Loan It out!

I have one cousin who borrows my shoes and never returns them in the clean, polished condition she got them in. So there’s absolutely no way I’m loaning her any of my jewelry. Be careful who you loan your fine jeweler to… especially if it’s not insured (see item 7, below).


Clean It

Invest in a good cleaning cloth and liquid cleanser, and carefully clean your fine jewelry after a few wearings or uses. If you don’t have the time, or are afraid of damaging it, see item 6, below. Keeping your jewelry clean is key in protecting your investment, and often, it’s a good way to find damage before it gets too serious.


Get Professional Help

If you need help cleaning or repairing your fine jewelry, get professional help. Take the piece back to the designer, or find an independent jeweler you trust. For instance, if you bought the piece at Tiffany, take it back to Tiffany for cleaning and repair, because they’ll know the piece better than anyone else.


Insure It!

Finally, make sure you have adequate insurance coverage for your fine jewelry in case of loss, theft, or damage. Most homeowner’s policies don’t cover fine jewelry, so if you have a collection of fine pieces, make sure you have extra coverage, and save documentation, like value estimates and receipts, as well as photos.

These are just a few of the things you can do to care for your jewelry, and they’re all so important! Protect your investment by properly caring for it… and don’t forget to wear it and enjoy it, too! Do you have any other tips to share on caring for your jewelry? Please share!

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