8. Mark Poulin Bunny Necklace

Mark Poulin Bunny Necklace

Price: $28.00 at shanalogic.com

Hippity-hoppity, look who’s on his way! This sweet little bunny, crouched low before a big bounce, with big floppy ears and a puffy little tail. Wear him on Easter, then all spring long… or in the middle of winter to remind you that warmer days are ahead!

Aren’t all of these necklaces just adorable? How will you ever pick just one… and really, why would you have to? I adore the little unicorn, and that Tom Kitty is so sweet, too! Which of these cute necklaces by Mark Poulin do you like best, and why? Or would you want to see him attempt another cute critter? Please let me know!

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