8 Darling Rings by Mark Poulin ...

I’ve loved Mark Poulin’s jewelry designs since the first time I spied one of his sweet, stark little animals faces on a necklace. His designs are simple and sweet, and so many of them are available exclusively at one of m favorite indie sites, Shana Logic. Whenever I’m feeling blue, I do a little window shopping for an instant bunny or puppy (or raccoon!) inspired pick-me-up. They’re so cute, and so sweet, I just have to share them with you. Prepare for some “awws” and keep reading! Here are 8 darling rings by Mark Poulin.

1. Silver Kitty Ring

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Price: $44.00 at shanalogic.com
Sold exclusively at Shana Logic, you won’t find this adorable ring anywhere else! It’s similar to the cute Tom Kitty ring, but more streamlined, rounder, possibly the girlie-kitty version. Perhaps she’s Tom Kitty’s lady love, so fair and sweet? She’s darling!

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