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8 Ways to Store Your Jewellery ...

By Sophia

There are countless ways to store your jewellery. While the safety of padded jewellery boxes may be better for fine jewellery, there are a range of fun options for storing costume and decorative jewellery. They can range from quirky ring stands to delicate jewellery dishes. The following are just a few objects and ways to store your jewellery.

Table of contents:

  1. Modcloth coral reef regal jewellery stand
  2. Recycled metal jewellery hanger
  3. Forget me not ring stand
  4. Modcloth a staggering development jewellery holder
  5. Jewelry tree
  6. Mitzie mirrored jewellery box
  7. I carry your heart bowl
  8. Modcloth heels over head jewellery holder

1 Modcloth Coral Reef Regal Jewellery Stand

Price: $24.99 at
This pretty pastel stand is just one of many ways to store your jewellery. This ceramic jewellery tree features several ‘branches’ on which to adorn your favourite pieces of jewellery. It comes in a washed-out shade of pink and features metallic gold accents. This would look right at home on a shabby chic dressing table.

2 Recycled Metal Jewellery Hanger

Price: $46.00 at
If you have a jewellery collection full of bold and off-kilter pieces, then this metal jewellery hanger may be the perfect way for you to store and showcase such items.

It is made from recycled metal and features rows of hooks and punched holes. A forged chain is attached to the top for easy hanging. Hang it on your wall, doorknob, or wardrobe door – anywhere that has a hook attachment!

3 Forget Me Not Ring Stand

Price: $24.00 at
Just as there are many ways to store your jewellery, there are many reasons for needing to do so. What about those times where you take off your rings before washing up or washing your hands? A ring stand or dish is the perfect solution and will hopefully prevent any frantic “I’ve lost my ring” moments. This pewter flower-shaped ring stand is an elegant option.

4 Modcloth a Staggering Development Jewellery Holder

Price: $34.99 at
This deer head jewellery holder has a retro feel about it. It is made from ceramic and sits on an accompanying jewellery dish. Hang your bracelets and necklaces from the antlers, and use the dish to store an assortment of brooches and rings. Place this on your vanity and decorate in style.

5 Jewelry Tree

Price: $100.00 at
This jewellery tree is an intriguing creation. The ‘tree’ structure is made from aluminium and is weighed down by chunks of speckled glass. The tree limbs are spiralling and wiry, and are suitable for hanging an array of jewellery from. The jewellery could also act as ‘decorations’ for the tree.

6 Mitzie Mirrored Jewellery Box

Price: $59.95 at
This sleek, mirrored jewellery box has a very modern and streamlined design. It has bevelled edges and a hinge opening at the top. The interior is lined in black velvet and features compartmented trays. This is a great option for storing away all your more delicate pieces of jewellery.

7 I Carry Your Heart Bowl

Price: $28.00 at
Sometimes the best ways to store your jewellery are the simplest. This ceramic bowl has a semi matte finish and features a simple inscription with raised heart. This bowl is sized to hold a wedding ring or similar sized keepsake.

8 Modcloth Heels over Head Jewellery Holder

Price: $27.99 at
This jewellery tray has such a playful design. It consists of a simple tray and features two upturned legs in the centre. The tray is ceramic and has gold accents. Stack your rings over the legs and lay your baubles around the edges of this tray.

How do you store your jewellery? Which of the above ways to store your jewellery do you prefer?

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