8 Ways to Store Your Jewellery ...

There are countless ways to store your jewellery. While the safety of padded jewellery boxes may be better for fine jewellery, there are a range of fun options for storing costume and decorative jewellery. They can range from quirky ring stands to delicate jewellery dishes. The following are just a few objects and ways to store your jewellery.

1. Modcloth Coral Reef Regal Jewellery Stand

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Price: $24.99 at modcloth.com
This pretty pastel stand is just one of many ways to store your jewellery. This ceramic jewellery tree features several β€˜branches’ on which to adorn your favourite pieces of jewellery. It comes in a washed-out shade of pink and features metallic gold accents. This would look right at home on a shabby chic dressing table.

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