7 Awesome Bib Necklace Tutorials ...


7 Awesome Bib Necklace Tutorials ...
7 Awesome Bib Necklace Tutorials ...

Bib necklace tutorials are the easiest, fastest way to learn how to make this great piece of jewelry and rock the trend without paying tons of cash for a ready-made design. Why not? Making your own jewelry could be fun! Do you agree? Well, here are a couple of amazing bib necklace tutorials to help you learn how to make a necklace for yourself.

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Fendi-Inspired Bib Necklace

The first on my list of bib necklace tutorials might not seem like much in terms of video quality, but it will help you get the basics of bib necklace-making and realize how simple it is to make something that looks this gorgeous! The necklace in question is absolutely fantastic, super trendy and unquestionably glamorous – just what a girl needs to make a simple outfit look extra special! Don’t wait a moment longer – search your home for any crafting materials you could use, hit the arts and crafts store for anything else you might need and get busy making a bib necklace of your own!


Lauren Conrad’s Crochet Necklace

What a great idea! It’s budget-friendly, it’s easy to do, doesn’t require advanced crafting skills and helps you recycle an awesome top you don’t wear anymore. How cool is that? One thing is for sure – this bib necklace tutorial will definitely inspire you to take a dive into your closet and start thinking about ways to reuse items you no longer wear!


Ruffled Bib Necklace

Speaking about ways to reuse clothing you don’t want to wear anymore, check out this video to see what can be done with a simple tee! It rocks, doesn’t it? Who could have guessed those regular tees could be used for making bib necklaces! Use cotton if you’re looking forward to stocking up on trendy accessories to rock in a sort of a casual chic, urban way or opt for more delicate materials embellished with crystals and pearls for a romantic, sort of a shabby chic take on this amazing statement piece!


Zipper Bib Necklace

Fun, chic, unusual – hope you have some spare zippers laying around, ladies, because this would be the perfect way to use them! And if you’ve ever wondered how to make a bib necklace that isn’t a standard, glam one, here’s your answer! Seriously, this fun accessory is totally girly yet casual enough to be worn with jeans and a tee – perfect for times when you want to be casual yet add just a bit of flare to your outfit.


Bridal Bib Necklace

Oh la la! Now isn’t this a glamorous piece! I’m not 100% sure it’s bridal but hey, once you see how easy it is to make, you’ll want to make it in every color to wear for every dressy occasion! Play with colors, mix and match, try adding rosettes instead of these flowers -- it’s going to be super fun and help you create tons of fab necklaces that, truth be told, look really pricey!


Jeweled Bib Necklace

Okay, well, you probably have a pretty good idea how to make a bib necklace by now, which is why I’m going to add this quick bib necklace tutorial just to give you a few extra ideas and show you how easy making these accessories really is! Arrange your crystals, glue them on and voila! You can make it in the afternoon and it will be dry and ready to wear in the evening!


Springtime Bib Necklace

Last but not least, here’s a fun project to inspire you to put all of your creativity into making these cute accessories! Look how awesome this over-embellished necklace turned out! Sequins, rosettes, buttons, flowers and bright colors – you can just throw them all in! Have fun!

Are you a fan of bib necklaces? And, if yes, would you ever consider making one?

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