7 Beautiful Ways to Wear Statement Jewelry This Fall ...


Are you curious about the best ways to wear statement jewelry this fall? Statement jewelry continues to be a trend. You may be wondering how to pull this off as your wardrobe is changing for cooler temperature. These are some ideas for ways to wear statement jewelry this fall.

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With a V-neck Sweater

With a V-neck Sweater A V-neck sweater screams for a necklace, scarf or just something. Why not make the choice a statement necklace? Your outfit will look complete with this addition. Just make sure it doesn’t overlay the fabric for the best look. Aim for a shorter necklace in this instance as one of the ways to wear statement jewelry.


With an Updo

With an Updo Ladies, any time that you wear an updo you are giving your ears center stage. This is the perfect time to let earrings shine. Statement earrings work beautifully when you are wearing your hair up. You can wear them with your hair down too, but there can be a bit of competition for attention between your hair and your earrings when you do this. Updos solve this issue.


With a Solid Top

With a Solid Top Statement necklace are perfect to pair with a solid tops. Solid tops are an important wardrobe staple. But let's be honest, they can be just a tad boring if you let them stand alone. Pairing a statement necklace with them is the perfect way to wear them.


With a Blazer

With a Blazer This isn’t one that isn’t commonly considered but actually works together quite beautifully. It is a bit of an unusual combination which is what makes it so striking. You are combining a touch of glitz with your oh-so professional look which works out great. Be prepared to get a lot of compliments when you wear this combination. You may just set a new trend at the office.


With a Lace Top

With a Lace Top Lace tops are the piece to have in your fall clothing collection. They are feminine, alluring and altogether lovely as well as a piece I personally can’t get enough of. They can look beautiful with a statement necklace but you do need to exercise a bit of caution here. Too many colors in your statement jewelry can be a bit distracting with the lace. Go for a silver, gold or hematite statement necklace to let the lace have some attention, too.


With Plaid

With Plaid If you want to deliver an unexpected look, try adding some statement jewelry to your favorite plaid shirt. It’s an unexpected accessory but works surprisingly well together. A statement necklace peeking out of your plaid button up can be a great pop of surprise. If you are feeling unsure about this look, try it on and ask a friend what they think. It is a unique way to wear statement jewelry.


With Your Little Black Dress

With Your Little Black Dress Is there a more perfect way to wear statement jewelry? Your LBD is a blank canvas, inviting you to express your fashion personality. Statement jewelry is the perfect way to do this. It will absolutely pop with the basic black background. Also, you can easily get away with wearing both a statement necklace and earrings when you are wearing a little black dress.

These are 7 ways you can wear statement jewelry this fall. What is your favorite way to wear it? Share your ideas here to give others some new inspiration.

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Eeeeeee i prefer light jwelery looks more feminine young and much comfortable

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