7 Best Online Jewellery Boutiques for Amazing Finds ...

Jewelry is one item that you typically want to try on in-person so that you can see it, touch it, check for defects etc., however, there are some online jewelry boutiques out there that I recommend checking out! Jewelry is like perfume. It can be such a personal item; we get attracted to pieces as a result of our own energy and style. Feel free to browse these online jewelry boutiques for some amazing finds that match your personality!

1. Etsy

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Etsy is not just one of the best online jewelry boutiques; you can buy artwork, baked goods, furniture, and even something for your wedding. Etsy does allow for customers to buy directly from the creative-design source and micro-enterprises. With over thirty million members, you’ll get a chance to browse all kinds of jewelry (whether you’re looking for fine or craft pieces), as well as gazing at the top picks from your favorite brands. Each shop on Etsy is unique, so you’ll need to follow the buying and selling guidelines carefully (yes, you budding jewelry designers out there, you can sell on Etsy)! The best part about Etsy is that it’s a certified B Corporation, meaning it is a new kind of company that uses the power of business to solve environmental and social problems. Etsy now joins the likes of Patagonia and Seventh Generation to ensure businesses have a higher social purpose, other than simply making a profit. I like that! Find etsy online at etsy.com.

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