7 Best Places to Find Vintage Jewelry ...


As someone who loves vintage jewelry and wears it often, I’m well prepared to share my secrets for all the best places to find vintage jewelry! Many people think it’s very difficult, and nearly impossible to find true vintage jewelry, but the truth is, you just have to know where to look. So if you’re ready to get the inside scoop and discover the best places to find vintage jewelry, keep on reading!

1. Grandma’s Attic

May sound strange, but your grandmother is your number one source and one of the best places to find vintage jewelry! Chances are, she has collected quite a few jewelry pieces over the years and wouldn’t mind to part with some. Ask if you can look through boxes in her attic or basement or closet for long-lost and forgotten treasures if she doesn’t mind. You may find more than jewelry, including vintage scarfs and shoes, old photo albums, postcards, collector’s items, and magazines and newspapers, among many other unique and interesting items!

Thrift Stores
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