Best Ways to Glam It up with Jewelry ...


Best Ways to Glam It up with Jewelry ...
Best Ways to Glam It up with Jewelry ...

There are many ways that we can add a little glam to our lives. One easy method is to add a few pieces of meaningful jewelry. Jewelry comes in many shapes and sizes and personalities. Here are a few tricks to take the jewelry you have cluttering up your home and turn it into a more beautiful and confident you. Everyone has access to being glamorous. Start your journey into amazing jewelry by considering statement pieces, family heirlooms, symbolic jewelry, and handmade jewelry.

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Statement Pieces

Having one or two statement pieces is vital in our jewelry repertoire. These might be something you picked up on travels to a far off land, something found at a museum, or a classic piece such as a rolex watch. Statement pieces grab someone's eye and encourage them to ask you the story of the piece. They encourage others to say “tell me more”. Statement pieces work best when they are meaningful for you. No matter how great a statement piece it is, it’s okay to ask questions such as how can I sell my rolex watch if they are no longer meaningful to you or if they have negative connotations in your life. No matter how sparkling and shiny a piece is wearing jewelry is all about making yourself feel great. While statement pieces can help make sure you shine, make sure you do not have them just to show off, but instead because they make you feel great to wear them. Remember when it comes to Jewelry it should work for you instead of you working for your jewelry.


Family Heirlooms

Sometimes the most meaningful jewelry is very understated. Sometimes the best jewelry is a simple ring that has been passed down the generations and is filled with memories and stories. In addition pieces that were worn by your grandmother are becoming trendy right now, and may make you the envy of those you know. A simple ring on a chain around your neck can have as much meaning, if not more, than an expensive piece you buy new. Though if you do not have any family heirlooms consider buying a piece to commemorate an important life event that can become a family heirloom moving forward. We can always find pieces that help us create new memories with those who are close to us.


Symbolic Jewelry

There is a wide range of jewelry which is symbolic and celebrates important parts of our identity or experiences. This might look like a piece in the shape of one of the numerous awareness ribbons honoring challenges that people experience. Choosing a ribbon that connects to your story or the story of a close family member or friend is a way to connect to something larger than yourself. You might also consider other symbolic jewelry such as jewelry that represents a faith or spirituality tradition or jewelry that represents wider contexts such as growth, freedom, or love. Finally others do not have to understand the symbolism of your jewelry, for example wearing a piece featuring an elephant because your aunt always loved elephants can be as important to you as wearing an awareness ribbon.


Jewelry is a great way to express yourself and add a bit of glamour to your look. Symbolic jewelry is a great way to make a statement and honor important parts of your identity or experiences. Awareness ribbons are a popular choice for symbolic jewelry, with each color and shape representing a different cause. You can also find jewelry that represents a faith or spirituality tradition, or even broader contexts such as growth, freedom, or love.

Jewelry is also a great way to remember a loved one. Wearing a piece featuring an animal that your aunt always loved, for example, can be a subtle way to keep them close to your heart. Alternatively, you could wear jewelry featuring a phrase or saying that held special meaning to them.

Jewelry is also a great way to add a bit of sparkle to any outfit. Whether you prefer delicate pieces or bold statement jewelry, there is something out there to suit any style. You can also mix and match different pieces to create a unique look that is all your own.


Handmade Jewelry

Finally you might consider making your own jewelry. This can be as simply as creating a friendship bracelet or as complex as going to a metal workshop and making a metal ring. Handmade jewelry is fun to wear and also makes great gifts for others. This is also a great way to create symbolic jewelry such as incorporating a family crest, a stone from a trip you took, or tartan pattern. When we are given handmade jewelry we remember the story behind it for the rest of our lives. So go and make something that makes you feel confident and strong and helps you boldly go forth into your life.

Jewelry is a great way to add something meaningful to our look each and every day. The great thing about jewelry is you can keep changing it up to fit your outfit or fit your mood for the day. You might wear one piece when you are ready to slay it, and another when you are in a more somber mood. Jewelry can connect up to past generations and help us leave something behind for future generations.

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