12 Birthday Gemstones and Their Meanings ...

If you are interested in learning about birthday gemstones and their meanings, there is a wealth of information. Birthstones have been around since ancient times; however, the modern birthstone list was put together in 1912. The American National Association of Jewelers standardized birthstones in 1912, and updated the list in 2002 by adding Tanzanite as a December birthstone. Traditionally, people wore their birthstones to bring good luck, but there is much more to know about birthday gemstones and their meanings.

1. Garnet

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I must admit to being partial to garnets, since they are my birthstone. Garnets are January’s gemstone, and they are said to be a talisman of protection, ensure success, and possess curative powers. Garnets are typically a deep red or rich purple color, but they come in a variety of colors. The qualities associated with garnets are purity, truth, faithfulness, and friendship. They are also supposed to be healing for problems with the lungs and heart. While I am not sure if garnets possess all these powers, learning about birthday gemstones and their meanings is fascinating.

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