7 Cool Hand Harnesses ...


Hand harness style jewellery is becoming increasingly popular. For those who have no idea what Iā€™m talking about, just imagine a hand piece that combines both a ring and bracelet and is connected with single or multiple chains. Hand harnesses are a bit of a nod to the whole armour inspired jewellery trend. They also make quite a statement. Take a look at a few trendy hand harnesses below.

1. Topshop Mixed Metal Hand Harness

Topshop Mixed Metal Hand Harness

Price: $30.00 at us.topshop.com

This sleek mixed metal hand harness is quite an eye catching piece of jewellery. It has a gold-look cuff bracelet and adjustable ring with multiple chain link details connecting the two. Since they cover a lot of your hand, Iā€™d style these quite simply and avoid wearing any other jewellery on that hand.

Topshop Cross Chain Hand Bracelet
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