10 Creative DIY Jewelry Tutorials to Check out ...


10 Creative DIY Jewelry Tutorials to Check out ...
10 Creative DIY Jewelry Tutorials to Check out ...

I have collected so many DIY craft projects and DIY jewelry tutorials **on Pinterest lately, but the creative train has stopped there because I've only collected them and have yet to actually execute them! So why not share them with all of you instead of just keeping them to myself. I hope they inspire you to make your own **DIY jewelry that you will later put on Pinterest. Here are 10 Fun DIY Jewelry Tutorials to Check Out, so get creative and come back to share your projects with us...

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DIY Chevron Earrings...

DIY Chevron Earrings... Photo Credit

How cool and creative are these DIY earrings that are made out of drinking straws!! I love the DIY jewelry tutorials over at PSIMadeThis, they are easy to follow and look pretty simple. I bet when you wear these awesome chevron earrings no one would ever guess that you made them yourself with some hot glue and a few drinking straws!


DIY Wire Wrapped Ring...

DIY Wire Wrapped Ring... Photo Credit

All you need for this project is wire and a bead, can a DIY jewelry tutorial be more simple! I love the feeling I get after I have completed a DIY project, sometimes it's relief, but mostly I feel proud and excited to show it off! I've been wanting to make my own jewelry for a while now and every time I go into the craft store I visit the bead section but never buy anything, perhaps this little ring will be my first!


DIY Hex Nut Bracelet...

DIY Hex Nut Bracelet... Photo Credit

What I love about all of these DIY jewelry tutorials is how inexpensive they are and how by putting only a few items together you have a chic product like this hex nut braided rope bracelet. I love the textures; you have a soft rope with a few bad ass, tough hex nuts. It's a great bracelet that can be worn with a pair of jeans or dressed up with a black dress, pumps, and a gold bag.


The juxtaposition of industrial hardware and soft textiles is what makes the DIY hex nut bracelet a standout accessory. It's truly a testament to creativity—who would have thought that hardware store supplies could transform into a piece of jewelry that balances edgy vibes with elegance? And the beauty is in the simplicity; all you need are some hex nuts, a piece of rope, and a little patience with braiding. It's the perfect project for a crafty afternoon, and it results in a bracelet that's both unique and versatile.


DIY Brooch Necklace...

DIY Brooch Necklace... Photo Credit

I bet by now you are running out the door to the craft store or looking in your closet to see what you have to start making some of these DIY jewelry tutorials! Brooches have made their way back into the hearts of many women lately and this gorgeous brooch necklace is a wonderful way to wear them, especially ones that were passed down through your family. How clever of an idea to put your brooches on fabric to make a necklace!


DIY Heart Wire Ring...

DIY Heart Wire Ring... Photo Credit

I posted a similar heart wire ring on our facebook page during Thrifty Thursday and everyone loved it, so I knew I had to include one in my DIY jewelry tutorial roundup! Some of these projects would be great to do with kids or to do when you need an inexpensive gift.


DIY Painted Leather Bracelet...

DIY Painted Leather Bracelet... Photo Credit

This DIY jewelry tutorial comes from one of my favorite DIY blogs, A Beautiful Mess, that has clothing and shoe tutorials, hair and decor tutorials, and even a fun iphone cozy tutorial! What's fun about this **DIY **leather band bracelet is how you can make it your own with painting on designs of your choice. Check out the blog for more details and other DIY projects.


DIY Rope Necklace...

DIY Rope Necklace... Photo Credit

I love how both of these necklaces are made with rope but have a completely different design to them. This DIY jewelry tutorial would be great to put together for a nautical day out paired with a striped shirt and boat shoes! Check out the step-by-step videoto learn how to make this necklace and other cool rope designs.


DIY Lace Earrings...

DIY Lace Earrings... Photo Credit

These beautiful lace earrings would make great bridesmaids gifts or even a fun DIY jewelry tutorial project for you and your bridesmaids to do together. They would also make a fabulous accessory to wear with your lace wedding dress!


DIY Friendship Bracelet...

DIY Friendship Bracelet... Photo Credit

When you were a kid friendship bracelets were the coolest thing and now they have come back out again. It's not just the kids who love them; teens, college students, and even adults are rocking their friendship bracelets! This DIY jewelry tutorial is a bit different than the traditional friendship bracelet but still makes a great DIY accessory for you and all your friends to wear!


DIY Flower Ring...

DIY Flower Ring... Photo Credit

How adorable is this DIY rose ring, I bet any little girl would love to receive a cute ring like this for her birthday. A DIY jewelry tutorial like this one can be used for more than one project; you could glue the rose onto a barrette instead of a ring or onto a plain shirt to dress it up a bit.

DIY projects can be done by anyone, all you need is a little time and practice to execute them perfectly. Impress your friends with these easy DIY jewelry tutorials and see if they ask you, "Where did you buy that?" and watch as they are amazed when you say, "I made it."! Making DIY crafts should be relaxing and stress free, that's why I love finding simple DIY jewelry tutorials like these. If you find that you are freaking out over a DIY project step away from it or choose a new one. Come back to tell us which one of these DIY jewelry tutorials you have tried and which one is your favorite!

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I'd like to know how to do the flower in the flower ring project

Hi Ladies, Click on the photo credit link for the tutorial :) Sorry about that. Thanks for checking out the post.

sorry Miss F I guess I was wrong about that. I can't figure it out either.

Except for the last ring, others look so cheep... like, "girls, I don't have money for normal decorations, so I have to do them out of my old curtains"...

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