42 DIY Jewelry Organizers to Get Busy Making ...


Jewelry boxes you can buy are all very well, but if you’ve got an extensive pile of bangles, baubles and beads, you can look to DIY jewelry organizers as the answer to your clutter woes. There are DIY jewelry organizers for all levels of skill with tools and some where no tools are necessary, just some creativity. You’ll be quite taken with the homemade jewelry organizers in this little compilation.

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Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board Via DIY Jewelry Organizer (day 15 ...
One of the simplest DIY jewelry organizers is a cork bulletin board. Jazz it up how you like.


Box Display

Box Display Via 23 Jewelry Display DIYs!

You don't need great carpentry skills to knock together a simple box display. Use thread reels, corks or door knobs for hangers.



In addition to using thread reels, corks, or door knobs as hangers for a DIY box display, you can also repurpose old picture frames or wooden crates. You can also add hooks or wire mesh to the inside of the box to create more hanging space. Another option is to cover the box with fabric or paint it to add a pop of color and personalize it to your taste. This type of display is perfect for organizing and showcasing smaller jewelry pieces like earrings, rings, and bracelets. It's also a great way to repurpose old or unused items and create a unique and functional organizer for your jewelry collection.


Chain Display

Chain Display Via The MyNameNecklace Blog: Quick and ...

All this takes is a length of chain and 2 cup hooks.


Rod and Hooks

Rod and Hooks Via Roundup: 12 Swoon-Worthy DIY Jewelry ...
Buy a pole (curtain, shower or closet) from a DIY store and end pieces and add some butchers hooks.


Frame Display

Frame Display Via Shabby Chic Plastic Canvas DIY ...

This is made from a frame, some plastic vinyl weave canvas and hooks. Fairy lights optional.


Frame Drawers

Frame Drawers Via 25 DIY Jewelry Organizers Blending ...

If you have confident DIY skills you could try your hand at this homemade jewelry organizer. It’s made from equal-sized picture frames with padded centers, mounted on drawer runner in a cabinet.


Multi- Organizer

Multi- Organizer Via Twinkle and Twine: DIY Jewelry ...

You may want to go for a number of different organizers to accommodate all types of jewelry.


Necklace Knobs

Necklace Knobs Via College Jewelry Hanger with Red ...

Simply a matter of fixing door/drawer knobs to a length of painted wood. Mount of a piece of driftwood for a rustic or beachy theme.


Bathroom Hardware

Bathroom Hardware Via 53 Seriously Life-Changing Clothing Organization ...

I didn't notice at first but these are actually toilet roll holders and a towel rail. Very clever!


Dowels and Hooks

Dowels and Hooks Via DIY Jewelry Organizer

Easy to do even if you’ve never done DIY before.


Dowels and hooks are a great way to organize jewelry. They are easy to install and provide a simple way to keep your jewelry organized and accessible. Dowels can be used to hang necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry pieces, while hooks can be used to hang earrings, rings, and other items. This DIY project is suitable for all skill levels, making it perfect for those just starting out with DIY. It is also a budget-friendly option, as dowels and hooks can be found at most hardware stores. With a little effort and creativity, you can create a beautiful and functional jewelry organizer in no time.


Box and Bowls

Box and Bowls Via The North End Loft: DIY ...

Make a box and add cup/curtain hooks and some little bowls.


Cross Stitch Display

Cross Stitch Display Via DIY Jewelry Organizing Roundup! - ...

You can buy plastic cross stitch canvas at hobby and craft stores and online. Mount in a frame and you're good to go with your own handmade jewelry organizer.


Tree Branch Display

Tree Branch Display Via DIY Tutorial: Branches, Twigs & ...

Recycle a branch from your garden or picked up on a country walk. You could spray paint the branch too.


Chicken Wire

Chicken Wire Via DIY Jewelry Organization - Just ...

Chicken wire is great to use because it saves you having to think about what to use for your earrings.


Cutlery Tray

Cutlery Tray Via Color Me Blue: DIY Jewelry ...

You can usually find wooden cutlery trays pretty cheaply in homeware departments.


Wired Box Frame

Wired Box Frame Via A Clever Way to Organize ...

This is made from a box frame, eyelets and wire.


Upcycled Chicken Wire

Upcycled Chicken Wire Via justflewthecoop.com

The way to go if you want a hanging jewelry holder.


Pin Rail

Pin Rail Via accessoryfoundry.com

This is a smart idea. It's a piece of shaped wooden rail with tacks that has been painted.


The pin rail is a simple yet effective DIY jewelry organizer that can easily be made at home. It consists of a piece of wooden rail that has been shaped and painted, with tacks attached to hold jewelry in place. This organizer is perfect for displaying and organizing necklaces, bracelets, and other accessories. It can be hung on a wall or placed on a dresser, making it a versatile and space-saving solution for storing jewelry. The pin rail is also a great option for those who enjoy making their own jewelry and need a place to store their creations.


DIY Industrial Pipe Jewelry Organizer

DIY Industrial Pipe Jewelry Organizer Via DIY Jewelry Organization with an ...

It looks very masculine until you hang the jewelry on it.


A Cup Holder

A Cup Holder Via DIY jewelry organizer from a ...

Various items for around the house can be repurposed as DIY jewellery organisers.


Necklace Holder

Necklace Holder Via living.msn.com

This is the head of a garden rake!


Jewelry Organizer Window

Jewelry Organizer Window Via Repurposed Window Pane Jewelry Display

What a great way to upcycle an old window frame.


Easy Homemade Jewelry Organizer

Easy Homemade Jewelry Organizer Via bloglovin.com

Cut your DIY teeth with this little project. It's dowels and hooks and strings.


Silverware Organizers

Silverware Organizers Via 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas ...

Another way to use silverware trays.


Flower Basket Display

Flower Basket Display Via Upcycled Flower Tray Gold Jewelry ...

I think this is a great way to repurpose something you maybe wouldn't have thought of yourself.


Awesome Jewelry Holder

Awesome Jewelry Holder Via 33 Impossibly Cute DIYs You ...

This is made from paper rolls. I was thinking you could add some cylindrical florist oasis too - to push your earrings into.


Candle Holder

Candle Holder Via 15 Fabulous DIY Jewelry Organizers ...

If you've got a creative eye, all sorts of household objects can become arty jewelry holders.


Shelf Organizer

Shelf Organizer Via somedayilllearn.com

With the addition of some hooks, a shelf can become a very handy homemade jewelry organizer.


Jewelry Rack

Jewelry Rack Via 13 DIY Jewelry Organizers That ...

This is a hand towel rack.


Egg Cartons

Via 33 Impossibly Cute DIYs You ...

If you don't fancy messing around with wood, hammers and stuff, how about spraying some egg cartons?


Rustic Way to Organize Jewelry!

Rustic Way to Organize Jewelry! Via Winkler's Wit

Fix your branch to the wall if you don't want it standing in a vase/bottle.


Frame within a Frame

Frame within a Frame Via In the home

You can find this type of board in DIY stores and kitchen shops.


Drawer Organizers

Drawer Organizers Via Organization/ Cleaning

These are plastic drawer organizers you can find practically anywhere. Cut foam to shape.


Accordion Hooks

Accordion Hooks Via 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas ...

So simple. So practical.


Recycled Drawer

Recycled Drawer Via Incroyable ce qu’on peut faire ...

No need for carpentry skills when you can refashion an old drawer,


Beer Bottle Bracelet Holder

Beer Bottle Bracelet Holder Via craft ideas 1 - Dump ...

Good idea if you’ve got an extensive bangle collection.


Bracelet Carousel

Bracelet Carousel Via 3 Unconventional Jewelry Storage Ideas ...

Got an old nuts and bolts organizer hanging around? Turn it into a jewelry carousel.


Beautiful Jewellery Organiser

Beautiful Jewellery Organiser Via Redirecting

This is extremely clever. It's a stencil on a wall with nails strategically placed.


Branch Hanger

Branch Hanger Via 50 Fun Ways to Hang ...

Another simple but very effective DIY jewelry organizer.


Great Grater

Great Grater Via Riciclo creativo: idee per ridar ...

From the kitchen to the bedroom!


Clothes Hanger Jewelry Organization

Clothes Hanger Jewelry Organization Via 17 Decorative Clothes Hanger and ...
Just screw some hooks into wooden clothes hangers and get organized.


Cork Organizer

Cork Organizer Via My Style

Fill a frame with corks, add a few hooks and you're all set.

Are you inspired to make your own jewelry organizer now you’ve seen all these great ideas?

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