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46 Easy DIY Jewelry Tutorials for Accessories Unique to You ...

By Neecey

You can walk into any shop and pick up jewelry you like, but wearing something that you’ve made by following DIY jewelry tutorials is something special. If you want to make your own statements, have accessories that perfectly match your style DIY jewelry is the answer. Feeling inspired? Check out these jewelry tutorials.

1 DIY Finger Knitting Bracelets

DIY Finger Knitting BraceletsVia DIY Finger Knitting Bracelets diy ...

No tools needed for finger knitting. This makes this some of the easiest DIY jewelry to make.

2 DIY Vintage Button Necklace

DIY Vintage Button NecklaceVia DIY vinatge button necklace vintage ...

The power of a glue gun comes to the fore.

3 Braid Necklace

Braid NecklaceVia Pinterest Round Up: DIY Jewelry

Make it as long or short as you like and any color you like.

4 DIY Gold Clover Bracelets

DIY Gold Clover BraceletsVia DIY Gold Clover Bracelets diy ...

Make your own good luck charm.

5 Gold Chain Necklace

Gold Chain NecklaceVia 18 Absolutely Amazing DIY Jewelry ...

Minimum effort, maximum impact.

6 Bracelet

BraceletVia 13 Wonderful DIY Jewelry Crafts

What a great use for hair bands.

7 Braid Necklace

Braid NecklaceVia Make This Woven Bead Statement ...

Braid your hair to match when you wear this fetching necklace.

8 Nail Polish

Nail PolishVia pink glitter resin earrings with ...

You can find quite a number of jewelry tutorials that use nail polish.


Simple BRACELETSVia DIY Gold Tube Bracelets

You could have an armful of these.

10 Leather Cord

Leather CordVia How to Finish Leather Cord ...

A great little technique that you will use in many DIY jewelry projects

11 Hex Nut Bracelet

Hex Nut BraceletVia DIY Bracelet: Glammed Up Hex ...

Quite simple, but quite effective.

12 Armbandjes

ArmbandjesVia Ontzettend schattige armbandjes Door zJulie

I love this name - Dutch or German? - whatever, it sounds pretty.

13 Silver Earrings

Silver EarringsVia DIY Tutorial: DIY Jewelry / ...

Probably not one for immediate beginners but this shows what jewelry you could be making for yourself.

14 Easy Necklace

Easy NecklaceVia easy

Am loving this technique.

15 Colorful Bracelet

Colorful BraceletVia YourInStyleGuru

Choose your own favorite colors.

16 DIY Wire Bracelet

DIY Wire BraceletVia DIY Tutorial: DIY Wire Bracelet ...

This doesn't look anything like homemade.

17 Pearl Fashion DIY Jewelry

Pearl Fashion DIY JewelryVia DIY Tutorial: DIY Wire Necklace ...

Practice your wire twisting skills for this little beauty.

18 Scrap Bead Project

Scrap Bead ProjectVia 精盈之美—D……_来自上官清持的图片分享-堆糖

Scrap beads or remnants of a broken necklace can be used for this.

19 DIY Blue Stone Bracelet

DIY Blue Stone BraceletVia 16 Pretty Bracelet Tutorials - ...

The blue stones are a perfect accessory for a denim based outfit

20 Simple Shamballa Bracelet

Simple Shamballa BraceletVia Simple Shamballa BraceletFree Diy Jewelry ...
So many combinations. So little time.

21 Hot Glue Rings

Hot Glue RingsVia

Hot glue? What a clever idea.

22 DIY Ring

DIY RingVia whaaaaaaaaaaat! AWESOME IDEA!!!!! :D I ...
DIY jewelry from cutlery. How innovative and clever.

23 DIY Bracelet

DIY BraceletVia DIY bracelet diy crafts easy ...
This looks fairly simple to do.

24 DIY Pandora

DIY PandoraVia Jewelry

Save costs with DIY Pandora.

25 Double Chain Necklace

Double Chain NecklaceVia diy jewelry display

Make use of existing gold colored chains.

26 Transformed Bangle

Transformed BangleVia DIY Tutorial: DIY Bracelet / ...

Change up a plainish bangle to something snazzy.

27 Tassel Earrings

Tassel EarringsVia DIY Tutorial: Earrings / DIY ...

All you need is some basic jewelry supplies and patience to cut the strands to equal lengths.

28 Clothespin Jewelry

Clothespin JewelryVia DIY Jewelry Projects - Make ...

Clothespins? Yes! Clothespins!

29 Rhinestone Ear Cuff

Rhinestone Ear CuffVia DIY Tutorial: DIY Jewelry / ...

Well this certainly makes a statement.

30 Bugle Geometric Necklace

Bugle Geometric NecklaceVia 46 Ideas For DIY Jewelry ...

You can make all sorts of geometric shapes with this technique.

31 No Sew T-shirt Scarf Necklaces

No Sew T-shirt Scarf NecklacesVia The Simple Craft Diaries: No ...

What a great way to recycle a t-shirt.

32 Ombre Celtic Knot Bracelet

Ombre Celtic Knot BraceletVia Linky Party, Vegan Hummus Bites ...

Celtic knots never go out of style.

33 DIY Ear Cuff

DIY Ear CuffVia DIY Tutorial: DIY Ear Cuffs ...

Easy to do and simply stylish.

34 String Bangle

String BangleVia 46 Ideas For DIY Jewelry ...

Jzoosh up a simple bangle with colored thread.

35 Paper Bracelet

Paper BraceletVia 46 Ideas For DIY Jewelry ...
Can you believe these bracelets are made from folded paper?

36 Friendship Bond

Friendship BondVia

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