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Jewelry Fashions for 2012 have seen some bold, gorgeous changes. There are tons of new trends, but several jewelry fashions are quickly becoming more prevalent than others. I love accessorizing with jewelry, and the bolder, the better – at least, as long as the occasion is right for something daring. If you want to make some changes and buy some new jewelry pieces, check out these gorgeous jewelry fashions for 2012!

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Geometric Shapes

Geometric Shapes Price: $58.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
Geometric shapes are one of the popular jewelry fashions this year. Earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants – if it's funky and sharp, you're golden. I love these Guinevere earrings especially, because they're like shapes within shapes within shapes. How cute!



Pearls Price: $75.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
Pearls are another big trend in 2012. Wear long necklaces knotted like a glamorous 1950s flapper or choose some understated pearl studs. I love this Simon Sebbag bracelet as well – the pearls are freshwater, and so luminous.



Pendants Price: $88.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
When you're shopping for new jewelry fashions, don't forget about pendants! Any shape, size, design, or color, pendants are all the rage. You can get cute with something from Juicy Couture or go with simple elegance, as with this Nadri pendant.


Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier Earrings Price: $38.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
Chandelier earrings are still popular. Give your outfit some flash and dazzle with earrings that brush your shoulders. You don't have to go long, of course – these earrings from BCBGeneration aren't quite that long, but they're still drop dead gorgeous!


Glitzy Hair Accessories

Glitzy Hair Accessories Price: $18.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
Hair jewelry is on the rise in jewelry fashions, too. I know that headbands aren't nearly as popular, but you can get something like this Tasha barrette for a little glam and glitter. Of course, there are plenty of headbands too, with lots of shine, if that's what you're into – whatever you do, just don't forget to bling your hair!

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Bright Blue

Bright Blue Price: $38.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
Blue is a big color in jewelry this year. Rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces – whatever your favorite piece of jewelry, just incorporate some blue. Bangles look great with the color, but I particularly love this large and in charge cocktail ring from the Ariella Collection.



Chokers Price: $48.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
Believe it or not, chokers make great jewelry fashions right now, too! They're not the old school kind, though. Rather, look for sleek necklaces that hug close to the throat. They're generally pretty wide, like this chick piece from Natasha Couture.


Stud Earrings

Stud Earrings Price: $55.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
Back to earrings, you don't have to go long to incorporate some dazzle into your outfit. Button and stud earrings are just as popular, and they can be easier to wear as well, especially during daytime events. I love these marcasite studs from Judith Jack – just gorgeous!

Jewelry fashions change just like clothing fashions but the good news is that, from year to year, they often overlap. Typically, you can get away with buying a few signature pieces – and, as you can see, you can buy into the new jewelry fashions without having to spend a ton of money. That pleases me very much. What are your favorite jewelry fashions this year?

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