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7 Fabulous Chokers to See You through Summer ...

By Jennifer

I'm so glad chokers are back on-trend this summer! If you're still not sure you're ready to wear one, let me try to tempt you with a few of my faves, seen (and soon to be adored) below.

1 Faux Suede Bolo Tie Choker

clothing, necklace, jewellery, pendant, fashion accessory,Price: $3.90 at
This sweet little choker would look gorgeous with a vee-neck sundress, adding just a little edge to your totally girlie look.

2 Bar Charm Faux Leather Choker

clothing, hair, blond, jewellery, fashion accessory,Price: $5.90 at
This choker comes in silver and black or gold and black, and either one would look smashing with your favorite summer LBD.


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3 Multicolored Tattoo Choker

clothing, brassiere, active undergarment, brown hair, swimwear,Price: $2.90 at
Admit it: you wore this choker daily in the 90s, and since you've long since broken or lost it, you're so happy to be able to find one again.

4 Mixed Chain Choker

clothing, hair, jewellery, blond, necklace,Price: $8.90 at
From the front, this is just a thick gold bar choker, but in the back? It's a gorgeous cascade, multiple strands of delicate gold chain. In other words: this is your new summer statement piece.

5 Chain Choker

clothing, necklace, jewellery, fashion accessory, hairstyle,Price: $4.90 at
This choker is plain and simple, but still both edgy and elegant. Wear it with a graphic tee and cutoffs, or with a floral-print romper.

6 Etched Charm Choker

clothing, color, jewellery, fashion accessory, necklace,Price: $5.90 at
Doesn't this look perfect for a summer festival? It's got a sweet southwest feel, so wear it with cowboy boots, cutoffs, and an off-the-shoulder top.

7 Faux Rose Choker

clothing, pink, woman, blond, petal,Price: $5.90 at
While everyone else is just jumping on the floral crown bandwagon, you'll be blazing your own trail with this floral choker.

I love all of these chokers, but which one do you like best? How would you wear it?

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