7 Fashion Watches to Keep You Stylish ...

Fashion Watches are a great way to ensure that you not only are on time, but that your look stays timeless. Personally, I am a huge, huge time freak. I am never late for anything and if I am, it is out of my control completely. My fashion watches (because I have about three different ones that I switch out on) keep me on time and punctual. Are you ladies constantly running late for your next nail appointment or even for work? Throw on one of your many fashion watches and I promise that you won't ever be late again! Below I'm going to talk about some of the coolest, chic and fashion-forward watches on the market today!

1. D&G Fashion Watch

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Price: $77.73 at amazon.com
I am personally a huge fan of everything D&G and if I could afford it, I'd have my entire closet decked out with Dolce & Gabbanna. Just having their watch might be enough though and only if it is this one. I like the beauty of the silver clashing with the black and I like the simpleness of it all. Are you looking for a watch that is really elegant and would look great on your wrist for any occasion, this is it!

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