9 Funky Friendship Bracelets under $10 ...

Friendship bracelets are everywhere right now. Once only a token of childhood friendships, the friendship bracelet is adorning the wrist of many fashion savvy adults. Whether you choose woven or beaded styles, a colourful friendship bracelet is a fun way to accent an outfit. Check out the following colourful friendship bracelets below. The best bit? They’re all under $10!

1. ASOS Pom Pom Coil Friendship Bracelet

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Price: $8.95 at us.asos.com
This colourful friendship bracelet features black and gold-tone beading at the front. It also has a slim cotton band with a secure tie fastening at the read. Stack this bracelet with a range of other bangles and bracelets for a funky festival-inspired look.

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