8 Gifts for Dad from Tiffany ...


Your dad has always been there for you, teaching you how to ride a big-girl bike then later gritting his teeth while he taught to how to drive a car. For all of his patience, humor, and understanding, doesn’t dad deserve something spectacular for Father’s Day this year? Anything on this list, all from Tiffany, would be marvelous… here are a handful of gifts for dad from Tiffany.

1. Tiffany Charles Briefcase

Tiffany Charles Briefcase

Price: $1,395.00 at tiffany.com

This gorgeous calf leather briefcase would make a stellar gift for dad, if he’s the office type, with precious papers to tote to and from work. It’s made in Italy with palladium-plated brass hardware, two inside zipper compartments, five card slots, two pen holders, and a clever combination lock closure to keep everything secure.

Tiffany I.D. Billfold
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