10 Gorgeous DIY Geometric Accessories ...

By Meream

10 Gorgeous DIY Geometric Accessories ...

Making DIY Geometic Accessories is a cheap and creative way to get into this fun trend. I am in love with the DIY geometric accessories that I have found for you. In fact, I cannot wait to follow some of these geometric accessories DIY tutorials and make my own. Hope you enjoy this fun, crafty list!

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1 Glittery Clay


How classy is this? This necklace looks so high-end that I bet your friends will think you got it from a very expensive store. Little would they know that it's simply a** DIY geometic accessory**. Go ahead and check out how to make your version!


2 Paint Chip Triangles

Paint Chip Triangles Don't worry if you don't have a stash of jewelry-making supplies. You will still be able to make a fun DIY geometric accessory using items that I'm sure you can get for free or for cheap. Great examples are sewing trims and paint chips. Clever, yes?


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3 Multi-Color Clay

Multi-Color Clay This is beautiful. If you want to follow this tutorial, you will need polymer clay as the base material. You simply roll it and shape into triangles, bake, layer and glue, and enjoy.


4 Triangle Bangles

Triangle Bangles If you are into modern and edgy accessories, this particular DIY geometric accessory tutorial is sure to make you happy. To make these bangles, you will need polymer clay, too. Read the tutorial to know the steps.


5 Diamond Necklace


How gorgeous! I love the beautifully unique diamond pendant and its colors. Design variation: use trendy pastel colors for the "facets" of the diamond if you decide to make your own.


6 Linked Tubes

Linked Tubes This is perhaps one of the popular methods for making geometric accessories. It's also one of the ways with which you can create something beautiful and pricey-looking. In reality, however, you will be making something easy on the pockets.


7 Shrinky Dink

Shrinky Dink Yes, these pretty** DIY geometric accessories** are made of shrinky dink paper. Cool, right? I like this particular DIY idea because you can go crazy with the design. Find inspiration from designer geometric pieces and you'll surely be able to create a shrinky dink accessory that rocks.


8 Triangle Tube

Triangle Tube You will use the same spacer beads required for DIY#6 we have posted here. For this particular tutorial, though, there is no need for you to assemble the beads in a somewhat complicated manner. You simply connect the ends to form a triangle and you're basically done.


9 Cardboard Triangles

Cardboard Triangles This is a fun DIY geometric accessory tutorial that is based on a piece from Urban Outfitters. You will need cardboard, paint, glue, and chain to make your version. You simply cut the triangles, glue and assemble, and paint. Easy and fun!


10 Multi-Faceted Beads

Multi-Faceted Beads These beads are sold in craft stores. They come in many colors and can be used for making beautiful geometric accessories. Design variation: instead of cord/twine, you can hang these beads from your neck using a pretty silver chain.


Aren't these DIY geometric accessorie**s awesome? This is perhaps one trend that will continue to be huge for a few seasons more. So take advantage of these **DIY geometric accessory tutorials and make your own necklaces and bangles now.

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