5 Important πŸ’‘ Reasons to Give a Promise Ring πŸ’ ...


If you are of a certain age, you might remember the media frenzy that once surrounded the Jonas Brothers, when in the height of their boy band fame, they all proudly sported promise rings. In their particular case, it sounds like the promise rings had something to do with keeping their love lives at a PG-13 level, but that isn’t always what a promise ring is used for. In terms of different meanings, a promise ring can pretty much come to symbolise anything you want it to. Here are five different reasons to give a promise ring.

1. Token of Love

Similar to the old fashioned β€˜going steady’ rings, a promise ring can be something that you wear to both show off and display that you are in a committed relationship. Rings are a nice piece of jewellery to receive at any time, so one from a new boo who wants to celebrate the fact that you are an item is never a bad thing, especially if you love your accessories!