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Coined by fabulous blogger and fashion week front row fixture, Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller, an arm party is a relatively new accessory movement that features everything from stackable bracelets, embellished cuffs and oversized bangles. Layering multiple stacks of bracelets is the key to constructing the perfect man repelling arm party. Don’t worry it you’re late to the party since these 7 interesting arm party ideas will have you fashionably late in no time.

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Include a Timepiece

Include a Timepiece To begin your transition into a fabulous arm party, first start with a cool watch with interesting detail or lustrous shine. A standout timepiece is the perfect starting point to build your arm party around since its size allows you to go bigger or smaller with additional accessories to create a statement look that is still balanced and not overly done.


Add Some Colour

Add Some Colour Injecting some colour into your wardrobe for fall is essential so you don’t get stuck in a haze of monochromatic and neutral looks. The easiest way to do this is to find accessories that play up rich fall colours like jewel tones in their design. You can mix and match colours to compliment your look and give your outfit that much needed pop for fall.


Mix Your Metals

Mix Your Metals Don’t shy away from pairing different metals together. Metallic pieces act as neutrals and can be worn together without clashing. Mixed metallics effortlessly add a brilliant high polish shine to your arm party.


Be Creative

Be Creative Don’t be afraid to get creative. An arm party is supposed to be a fun and free spirited way to rock accessories. Break convention and go wild. The bolder, the better!


Make a Statement

Make a Statement Aside from your timepiece, select one focal item to be your statement piece. This could be an ornate jeweled cuff or an oversized bangle. Whatever it is, make sure to only use one or two statement pieces in your arm party as to not look over accessorized. When you select this piece you can work your other additions around this as well, making sure to only select smaller sized accessories from your statement bracelet.


Wear High and Low Pieces

Wear High and Low Pieces Mixing high and low retail designs is a super smart and savvy way to wear an arm party. By pairing high and low pieces together the arm party becomes a super easy and effortlessly cool way to wear. Rock a high-end statement piece and add multiple inexpensive layers to build your army party.


Layer, Layer, Layer!

Layer, Layer, Layer! The essential step in creating an arm party is to layer. Layer, layer, layer as much as you can to build this key technique in an arm party. Stick to odd numbers as you can work with varying bracelet sizes from there to create a party that looks uncalculated and creates appealing visual interest.

There’s a saying that says look at yourself in the mirror before you leave the house and take one thing off, but with the army party more is more so stack ‘em up! Don’t be afraid to go all out and showcase your best accessories. Draw inspiration from the chic man repeller and just have fun and throw yourself a raging arm party already. How will you rock an arm party this season?

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