7 Interesting Arm Party Ideas ...

Coined by fabulous blogger and fashion week front row fixture, Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller, an arm party is a relatively new accessory movement that features everything from stackable bracelets, embellished cuffs and oversized bangles. Layering multiple stacks of bracelets is the key to constructing the perfect man repelling arm party. Don’t worry it you’re late to the party since these 7 interesting arm party ideas will have you fashionably late in no time.

1. Include a Timepiece

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To begin your transition into a fabulous arm party, first start with a cool watch with interesting detail or lustrous shine. A standout timepiece is the perfect starting point to build your arm party around since its size allows you to go bigger or smaller with additional accessories to create a statement look that is still balanced and not overly done.

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