7 Jewellery Trends for Spring ...


7 Jewellery Trends for Spring ...
7 Jewellery Trends for Spring ...

Update your look by staying on top of the latest jewellery trends for spring. Adding a few statement pieces of jewellery to your outfit can take it from zero to hero in a matter of seconds. When it comes to jewellery trends this spring, there’s pretty much something for everyone. Whether you prefer sleek metals or bold, colourful pieces, there’s bound to be a jewellery trend that catches your eye. Get inspired for the season ahead with these jewellery trends for spring.

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Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal One of the best places to determine the jewellery trends for spring is the designer runways. Many designers sent their models down the runway in a range of heavy metallic jewellery. Think oversized metallic necklaces, chokers, rings, and cuffs. Since metallics are quite eye-catching, stick to sleek and minimal designs when choosing your jewellery.


Plastic Fantastic

Plastic Fantastic Anything see-through will be on trend this spring. Plexiglass and plastic materials will dominate the spring jewellery trends. Simple clear cuffs and necklaces will be adorned with dazzling jewels and rhinestones. Just take a look at Christian Dior’s bejewelled cuffs or Missoni’s crystallised creations for inspiration.


Geometric Notes

Geometric Notes Graphic prints and patterns were a favourite when it came to the clothes on the spring 2013 runways. This trend is set to translate into jewellery as well. This spring, adorn yourself with jewellery inspired by shape and pattern. Triangle or disc shaped earrings are a fun way to work this trend into your look. Also keep an eye out for geometric patterned necklaces and bold statement cuffs.


Primary Colours

Primary Colours If you’re a fan of colourful jewellery, stick to primary colours this spring. Stick to bright red, yellow, and blue colours for maximum impact. The trend for primary colours also fits in well with the trend for all things graphic and retro right now. Some colourful earrings or bold bangles would be perfect for complementing this season’s stylish black and white outfits and will add an instant hit of colour to your look.


Oversized Everything

Oversized Everything If you really want to make a statement this spring, you better supersize your jewellery. There were oversized hoop earrings at Balmain and Diane von Furstenberg and oversized necklaces at Lanvin and Dries van Noten. When it comes to picking out your statement jewellery this spring, it seems that bigger is better!


Bohemian Beading

Bohemian Beading Beads, beads, beads! They were all over the designer runways for spring. From colourful beaded necklaces to shoulder grazing earrings, the look was all about creating a bohemian inspired vibe. Team them with colourful clothing and prints to create a truly eclectic look. Check out the rainbow beaded necklaces at Ralph Lauren or the shoulder grazing earrings at Dolce & Gabbana for inspiration.



Brooches Brooches are no longer for your nanna to wear. Vivienne Westwood, Oscar de la Renta and House of Holland all included brooches into their jewellery mix for spring. Heavily encrusted brooches are great for glamming up an evening look. However, if you want to take a more modern approach, make like House of Holland and pin a brooch onto a beanie or hat for something different.

You can easily stay on top of the latest spring trends by updating your look with some stylish pieces of jewellery. They’re a great way of spicing up a plain old outfit. Do you have any favourite jewellery trends for spring?

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