7 Jewelry Myths You Hear ...


Do you ever hear crazy jewelry myths and wonder how to tell if they are true or not? There are lots of “facts” about jewelry circulating out there that aren’t really facts at all! With so many people telling you different things, how can you know whom to believe? I’m here as your trusted source with some of the most common jewelry myths we hear today, and why you can disregard them as crazy rumors. Keep on reading to hear what they are!

1. Bite Gold to Check Its Authenticity

We’ve all heard this one; it’s probably one of the most common jewelry myths out there! Real, pure gold is soft, and so it’s possible to leave teeth marks in it if you bite hard enough. However, lead is soft too, and some dishonest people have been discovered to paint lead with gold color and sell it as false gold. Don’t rely on this method for testing gold to see if it’s real!

Diamonds Are Indestructible
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