10 Jewelry Ideas They'll Love as a Christmas Gift ...

By Kristina

10 Jewelry Ideas They'll Love as a Christmas Gift ...

There are lots of pieces of jewelry that makes great Christmas gifts. Your mom, your sister, your daughter, and your best friend will love unwrapping a little box of bling this year. Here are 10 pieces of jewelry that makes great Christmas gifts.

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1 Charms

fashion accessory, christmas ornament, body jewelry, jewellery, christmas decoration, $12.97 at amzn.to
This 12-pack of holiday charms are sure to dress up your slide or threaded bracelets and necklaces and are one of the best choices for jewelry that makes great Christmas gifts.

2 Hair Comb

hair, skin, beauty, chin, hairstyle, $13.99 at amzn.to
This gorgeous snowflake hair comb is a perfect accessory for those fancy winter parties. Also available in gold-tone.

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3 Luminous Necklace

pendant, locket, fashion accessory, purple, cobalt blue, $2.61 at amzn.to
This necklace features a scene of Santa in his sleigh as it’s pulled across the night sky by the reindeer. Bonus? It glows in the dark!

4 Reindeer Necklace

locket, christmas ornament, pendant, christmas decoration, jewellery, $19.00 at amzn.to
This handmade necklace features the cameo of a reindeer on a background of red plaid.

5 Cute Quote Necklace

font, $19.00 at amzn.to
This handmade necklace features the quote, “Frosted cookies, Christmas movies, everything flavored with peppermint.”

6 Peppermint Candy Earrings

jewellery, earrings, red, fashion accessory, jewelry making, Price on request at amzn.to
These peppermints are sweet, but they aren’t bad for your teeth!

7 Ice Skate Necklace

pendant, jewellery, locket, necklace, fashion accessory, $14.99 at amzn.to
Nothing says winter like ice skating! This adorable necklace features an ice skate charm, as well as a customizable Swarovski crystal and initial disc.

8 Charm Bracelet

jewellery, fashion accessory, bracelet, body jewelry, silver, $19.00 at amzn.to
This adorable charm bracelet features 4 charms: a small snowflake, a large snowflake, a mitten, and a feature charm that reads, “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow.”

9 Heart Necklace

pendant, jewellery, fashion accessory, necklace, locket, $29.97 at amzn.to
This necklace features a heart-shaped pendant with 5 Stars of David.

10 Star of David Bracelet

fashion accessory, jewellery, strap, wrist, bracelet, $34.99 at amzn.to
This leather bracelet features a pewter charm embossed with the Star of David.

product, line, furniture, body jewelry, clothes hanger, $16.99 at amzn.to
Get this jewelry holder to organize all the fabulous jewelry! (Jewelry not included).

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