18. One Earring

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You know those crazy nights where you come home or wake up having lost an earring? Good news! Summer '17 is all about rocking just one earring. Make it big, make it bold, or make it simple - which ever style you like, one is apparently better than two!

Nordstrom BaubleBar cabana drop earrings

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$36 from shop.nordstrom.com

Have you found one or more trends that you absolutely adore?

Personally, I am grateful for the long-running popularity of the choker.. . but then again, I was a teen in the 90s (cue Spice Girls).

But whether you're going to be rocking some colourful tights, big and bold earrings, or even some tassels - one thing is for sure - by following these '17 summer trends, you're looking at taking up the prime spot at any party, day time event, or evening fun!

You go, girl!

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