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Sometimes I think feet are neglected on the jewelry front, which is why toe rings are such a necessity. Great toe rings are dainty. Let’s face it, your feet would look ridiculous if you had something overly chunky adorning them. If you haven’t yet considered toe rings, now is the time to get stuck in.

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ASOS Eye Toe Ring

ASOS Eye Toe Ring If you want to feel like Cleopatra, toe rings featuring eyes are the way forward. Using gold tones, ASOS have managed to strike the right balance as far as luxury is concerned. I love the exotic feel that this ring brings. To me, it is ideal for making your toes look luxurious, even when your sandals aren’t great.


Limited Edition Two Pack Toe Rings

Limited Edition Two Pack Toe Rings We all stack bracelets quite happily, yet it is rare that you see someone stacking toe rings. Well now is the time to get started. See yourself as someone leading a trend, if you will! I reckon a couple of toe rings stacked is a great way to bring out the best in your pedicure, especially if you choose one particular toe to place a jewel on.


Accessorize Sterling Silver Ethnic Toe Ring

Accessorize Sterling Silver Ethnic Toe Ring If you prefer your jewelry to be a little edgier and a lot less shiny, then try this Accessorize piece. As it is etched, it isn’t the type of toe ring you will spot easily. However, when it does become apparent, it screams volumes about your sense of style. I reckon this is a great everyday item for when the summer hits and you want to accessorize in a unique way.


Pilgrim Gold and Hematite Toe Ring

Pilgrim Gold and Hematite Toe Ring I know I said I am not a fan of anything too chunky when it comes to toe rings, but I can’t resist this one from Pilgrim. It is almost like having a mini sun sitting at the end of your foot. I always enjoy black gems rather than colorful ones when it comes to gold as well. The price is fantastic too, which means you can easily add it to your collection.


B Brilliant Sterling Silver Toe Ring

B Brilliant Sterling Silver Toe Ring It’s hard not to love Macy’s for this sparkling little beauty. In fact, it is so much like a finger ring it is hard to tell the difference. If you are conventional when it comes to finger rings, this one will suit you. If you are a fan of gold, there is good news. You can get your hands on this ring in gold too!


ASOS Limited Edition Star Toe Ring

ASOS Limited Edition Star Toe Ring Usually I don’t buy into the whole star thing. However, I find it hard not to love this ring from ASOS. There is something quite eighties about this, and that can only be a good thing when you consider how often designers seem to resurrect the whole theme. If stars aren’t your thing, I can guarantee you probably know someone who would like this as a gift.


Marcasite Butterfly Toe Ring

Marcasite Butterfly Toe Ring Finally, this is my favorite out of all the toe rings that are about right now. It is the butterfly, I just can’t resist it! As well as being dainty and cute, there are teeny cubic gems adorning it. To me, this is the perfect way to complement a fresh pedicure.

If you are looking for a way to brighten up your feet, you can’t go far wrong with a great toe ring. During the summer, they are great for making that little extra effort. All year round, you can use them to bring a sense of glam to your usual shoes. If you like to accessorize your toes, how do you do it?

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Toe rings look pretty, but they're uncomfortable. Beauty is PAIN!

#5 How much does this sterling silver ring cost?

I've been wearing a three tie ring stack in sterling silver for over 15 years. I always get compliments on it, and everyone always thinks it's one ring. LOVE IT!

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