7 Science-Nerd Jewelry Pieces by Chemical X ...

Long before it was cool, I was a nerd, obsessed with collecting rocks and crystals and intent on examining all sorts of plants and animals. I loved watching the X-Files and subscribed to National Geographic… and not much has changed. Only now, being a nerd is hip, trendy, and totally socially acceptable… yay for me! I can even express my nerdiness with cool jewelry, my favorite pieces by Chemical X. If you’re a science nerd girl, like me, keep reading, sister! Here are some great science-nerd jewelry pieces by Chemical X.

1. Dinosaur Earring Set

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Price: $14.00 at shanalogic.com
We nerdy girls are true iconoclasts, so who says we have to match exactly? These earrings are a perfect example, composed of three small (but very detailed) dinosaurs, one each of a mighty fearsome T Rex, a Triceratops, and a Brachiosaurus. Wear them in any combination you like, and change it up as you see fit, Miss Dino expert! These science-nerd jewelry pieces by Chemical X are a great way to show your individuality!

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