Show Some Opulence with This Opal Jewelry ...

By Neecey

Show Some Opulence with This Opal Jewelry ...

I love opals. I know they are meant to be an unlucky jewel but I don’t have any superstitions about anything really, so it doesn’t bother me. No one really knows why the opal is considered bad luck but there are jewelers who won’t work with them and customers who won’t buy them. Black opals especially are associated with harmful magic of witches and sorcerers and their resemblance to the “evil eye.” If you aren’t impressed by folkloric traditions and love opals for their mesmeric beauty and flashing colors, you’re sure to love this opal jewelry.

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1 Ethiopian Wrap Ring

Ethiopian Wrap Ring I think this is stunning. Very boho. I have never seen opal used in such a setting before. Made from solid sterling silver, copper and bronze, this lovely artisan-crafted ring is enhanced by a cabochon cut Ethiopian opal. The opal flashes blue, green, amber and red. Ring is adjustable and comes gift boxed.
Price: $55.00
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2 Opal White Topaz Sterling Silver Ring

Wouldn’t this make a very interesting engagement ring if you’re on a budget? It’s certainly eye-catching. The generously-sized Australian opal (7 x 9mm) is set in rhodium plated 925 sterling silver. I love the three white topaz stones that sit on each collar.
Price: $84.00
Buy at

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3 Australian Opal and Fantasy Cut Topaz Pendant

It took me ages to settle on this piece. I could have spent hours looking at the stunning collection of opal jewelry by Mark Hileman. This man really does know how to work with opal to make eye-catching, beautiful statement pieces. I know this is an incredibly expensive piece, but I had to share it with you to give you a taste of his collection. This is also available in white gold – no picture but I’ve got a vision of how stunning that would be.
Price: $12,800
Buy at

4 Pear Opal Earrings

Pear Opal Earrings I think these earrings show a great balance between the dangling stones and the body. I’ve never been a fan of chandelier earrings anyway and prefer something much more evenly balanced. The pear-shaped opals are set in a bezel lever-backed body of 14k gold. Big enough to be noticed, yet understated enough to be elegant.
Price: $99.99
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5 Opal and Diamond Ring

Opal and Diamond Ring Wouldn’t this make a sweet gift for a teen – for 16th or 18th birthday? A decent sized (6x4mm) white opal is set in 10K white gold adorned by tiny diamonds. Aren’t the hearts on either side of the collar just charming?
Price: $149.00
Buy at

6 Vintage Opal Bangle

Vintage Opal Bangle I would add this to my bangle collection in a flash. Sadly it is not for sale but I chose it because I wanted to show you that there are some gorgeous vintage pieces that contain opals. If you search on the web for vintage opal, you’ll find a veritable array of used and secondhand jewelry.
Price: not available

7 Sterling Silver Blue Fire Opal Crown Set Ring

Sterling Silver Blue Fire Opal Crown Set Ring My last choice is to show that opals don’t have to be expensive – you’ll find them from $10 upwards. A word of caution, though – the cheaper a piece of jewelry containing an opal is, the more likely that the opal has been made in a laboratory rather than being mined in Australia. If you want a genuine opal, please make sure that is what your item is described as. This ring is a lab-formed opal set in sterling silver. Despite not being a genuine mined stone, it still has great color flashes.
Price: $46.00
Buy at

Which is your favorite piece or do you believe in the superstition that opals are bad luck?

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Number one is to die for Wowsa!

Lovely. The cover image is my favorite. Do you know where to find that one?

In love with all of these😍

I love opal,never knew it was a bad luck stone))Thank you for the post😍😍

Thanks anyway!

I've never heard that opals were bad luck.... I have a few opals, even black

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