Show Some Opulence with This Opal Jewelry ...

I love opals. I know they are meant to be an unlucky jewel but I don’t have any superstitions about anything really, so it doesn’t bother me. No one really knows why the opal is considered bad luck but there are jewelers who won’t work with them and customers who won’t buy them. Black opals especially are associated with harmful magic of witches and sorcerers and their resemblance to the “evil eye.” If you aren’t impressed by folkloric traditions and love opals for their mesmeric beauty and flashing colors, you’re sure to love this opal jewelry.

1. Ethiopian Wrap Ring

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I think this is stunning. Very boho. I have never seen opal used in such a setting before. Made from solid sterling silver, copper and bronze, this lovely artisan-crafted ring is enhanced by a cabochon cut Ethiopian opal. The opal flashes blue, green, amber and red. Ring is adjustable and comes gift boxed.
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