Show Your Toes Some Love Wear Some of These 24 Bits of Beach Jewelry for Your Feet ...

By Jennifer

Show Your Toes Some Love Wear Some of These 24 Bits of Beach Jewelry for Your Feet ...

Nautical-themed earrings? Check! Floppy sunhat? Check! Cute beach bag? Check! But don't forget to show your feet some love with these anklets, toe rings, and decorative sandals, too!

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1 Tiny Heart Anklet

Tiny Heart Anklet Source: Hammered Heart Anklet - Gold

2 Crochet Barefoot Sandals

Crochet Barefoot Sandals Source: Crochet Tan Barefoot Sandals, Nude

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3 Aqua Gemstone Anklet

Aqua Gemstone Anklet Source: I liked this design on

4 Layered Anklet

Layered Anklet Source: Grace and Flow

5 Crochet Sandals

Crochet Sandals Source: Barefoot Sandals Pattern

6 Delicate Ankle Bracelet

Delicate Ankle Bracelet Source: Sterling silver, ankle bracelet, feminine

7 Sideways Anchor Anklet

Sideways Anchor Anklet Source: Sideways anchor anklet 14K gold

9 Fancy Gem Anklet

Fancy Gem Anklet Source: Dainty Anklet

11 Anklet Sandal Combo

Anklet Sandal Combo Source: Free People - JNB Ariel

12 Pearl Toe Ring

Pearl Toe Ring

13 Love Anklet

Love Anklet Source: Chic Love fashion anklets [brlove05]

15 Faux Turquoise Anklet

Faux Turquoise Anklet Source:

16 DRUZY Diamond Foot Chain

DRUZY Diamond Foot Chain Source: Unavailable Listing on Etsy

17 Charm Ankle Bracelet

Charm Ankle Bracelet Source: Free People Charm Ankle Bracelet

18 Shell Anklet

Shell Anklet Source: Beaded anklet shell anklet beads

19 Chevron Toe Rings

Chevron Toe Rings Source: Accessorizing Like You Never Did

20 Silver Sunflower Toe Ring

Silver Sunflower Toe Ring Source: Toe Ring - Sunflower

21 Chain-y Toe Ring & Anklet

Chain-y Toe Ring & Anklet Source: Barof Toe Ring - Anklet

22 Layers of Anklet/Sandal Wow!

Layers of Anklet/Sandal Wow! Source: Embella Silver Boho Inspired Adjustable

23 Simple & Sweet

Simple & Sweet Source: Simple Toe Ring

24 Crochet Barefoot Sandals

Crochet Barefoot Sandals Source: Barefoot Sandal or Hand Ornament

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Holiday must-haves, off the but some! 😉

Available at OurSerendipityStones on etsy

So many pretty ones!

Sadly I don't get out much, then I could wear this stuff. :)


Anklets are one of my favorite summer accessories,they look so cute with a pretty freshly painted pedi and some heels


#6 love this one

Love love there so artistic

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