7 Spring 2014 Jewelry Trends You Can Rock ...

These spring 2014 jewelry trends certainly are exciting! Some of them are a little gangster, but I sort of love that. Rather happily, I have found that some spring 2014 jewelry trends also come with the daintiness I adore. Designers have been brave this spring, which made picking out my faves a little taxing!

1. Padlock Necklaces

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Micahel Kors helped jump start this trend. Maybe he was going for the whole "Key to my heart" idea? Anyway, I am quite a fan of padlock necklaces. For what it's worth, chunky chains are also a big theme this year. That means you are striking two birds with one stone by buying an item like the one above. This is one of those spring 2014 jewelry trends that is super easy to hit!

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