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These spring 2014 jewelry trends certainly are exciting! Some of them are a little gangster, but I sort of love that. Rather happily, I have found that some spring 2014 jewelry trends also come with the daintiness I adore. Designers have been brave this spring, which made picking out my faves a little taxing!

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Padlock Necklaces

Padlock Necklaces Micahel Kors helped jump start this trend. Maybe he was going for the whole "Key to my heart" idea? Anyway, I am quite a fan of padlock necklaces. For what it's worth, chunky chains are also a big theme this year. That means you are striking two birds with one stone by buying an item like the one above. This is one of those spring 2014 jewelry trends that is super easy to hit!


Bright Bangles

Bright Bangles Bright bangles have taken a surprisingly grown-up turn this year. They seem to be combining with adult metals, making them less pre-teen and more wow. I like these bracelets, because I feel they illustrate the trend perfectly!


Floral Rings

Floral Rings It's weird that I was writing about posy rings in a post last week, because it turns out that floral rings are actually quite big this spring! A lot of the ones seen on the catwalk have been super bright. I'm talking yellows and neons here. However, as a fan of delicate jewelry, I quite like this ring. It is nice and soft, which I adore.


Ancients-inspired Necklaces

Ancients-inspired Necklaces Necklaces adorned with ancient mythological symbols and star signs are great for bringing a unique twist to your outfit. I am loving necklaces in this trend that feature cupids and more. Usually they come in gold, but you may be able to find some silver ones out there too.


Tortoise Link Necklaces

Tortoise Link Necklaces Links are larger than life this spring. I especially love tortoise link necklaces, as I don't have the confidence to pull off chunky gold. Chunky gold is a little gangster for me, but I genuinely think others can make the most of it. Tortoise link is more understated!


Rose Bracelets

Rose Bracelets And here is more of those floral themes on the go! A lot of bracelets I have seen have been all encrusted with various jewels. I quite like this bracelet, as it looks more classic than some other items out there. I am pretty confident that there is going to be many high street mock ups of this too.


Leaves on Necklaces

Leaves on Necklaces To complement the whole floral theme, leaves on necklaces are in this year. It's almost as though spring 2014 is paying close attention to the natural beauty of the season! Although I enjoy the leaf necklaces that come in green, I do adore gold versions also. I can remember having gold leaf earrings when I was a bridesmaid once, and I was SO sad when I lost them. Combine leaves and flowers and you are nailing two trends at once.

So as you can hopefully now see, spring 2014's jewelry trends are revolving around brights, neons, chunkiness, and natural themes. I don't mind brights and neons. However, I am a MASSIVE fan of anything whimsical, which is why natural items are getting my vote. If you are a fan of a particular jewelry trend this season, which one is it and how are you making it work?

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