9 Absolutely Stunning Necklaces That Make a Statement ...

When you wear necklaces that make a statement, you really take your outfit up a notch. Even if you're wearing a plain tee and skinnies, a statement necklace will send your look from the land of so-so into the stratosphere of high style. The best part is that there are so many different necklaces that make a statement, you can easily find something that works with your personal aesthetic. Don't believe me? Just take a look!

1. A Statement in Pink

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I adore pink necklaces that make a statement, partly because a good portion of my wardrobe is devoted to black and white. Something pink, whether it's vibrant hot pink or softly feminine like ModCloth's What About Bauble? Necklace (for just $21.99, by the way), can add a luscious bit of loveliness to your ensemble. Beads are always a great way to make a statement, so check out similar pink necklaces or beaded pieces at ASOS, Ruche, and Forever 21.

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