7 Stylish Ways to Wear Pearls ...

Do you want to know how to wear pearls, love pearls and be totally stylish with the help of this classy yet maybe a bit too classic accessory? That's what I'm here to share with you today! Is it impossible? Certainly not! As incredible as it may sound, wearing popular trends and your favorite string of pearls do fit in the same sentence. I have a few ideas for wearing pearls to help you fall in love with those delicate little things and make them a part of your style! Take a peek, try them out and do let me know which idea for wearing pearls you love the most, of course!

1. Pearls in Your Hair

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In case you have no idea how to wear pearls or are simply not the person who would feel comfortable wearing a grandma’s pearl necklace, you can borrow one fantastic idea coming from the great house of Coco Chanel! Yes, pearl decorated bobby pins are definitely the way to go, and no, they are not meant for brides only! Update your evening up-do or try a cute day-time look with a few of these and don't worry if you can’t or will not choose to purchase the original design! You can always get crafty and purchase a few massive faux pearls to superglue on your plain bobby pins!

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