7 Stylish Ways to Wear Pearls ...


7 Stylish Ways to Wear Pearls ...
7 Stylish Ways to Wear Pearls ...

Do you want to know how to wear pearls, love pearls and be totally stylish with the help of this classy yet maybe a bit too classic accessory? That's what I'm here to share with you today! Is it impossible? Certainly not! As incredible as it may sound, wearing popular trends and your favorite string of pearls do fit in the same sentence. I have a few ideas for wearing pearls to help you fall in love with those delicate little things and make them a part of your style! Take a peek, try them out and do let me know which idea for wearing pearls you love the most, of course!

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Pearls in Your Hair

In case you have no idea how to wear pearls or are simply not the person who would feel comfortable wearing a grandma’s pearl necklace, you can borrow one fantastic idea coming from the great house of Coco Chanel! Yes, pearl decorated bobby pins are definitely the way to go, and no, they are not meant for brides only! Update your evening up-do or try a cute day-time look with a few of these and don't worry if you can’t or will not choose to purchase the original design! You can always get crafty and purchase a few massive faux pearls to superglue on your plain bobby pins!

How to Wear Pearls with Jeans

Wearing popular trends and loving this glam, ultimately feminine piece of jewelry doesn’t have to be an iffy situation! Au contraire, as Del Boy would say, pearls could definitely help you posh up your favorite pair of jeans enough to wear them for a fabulous night out! Opt for a pair of dark or black skinny jeans, heels to die for, a loose silk top, and a cardigan or blazer of choice! Don’t forget a pair of pearl earrings or a long, double string of pearls that will add a finishing touch to your outfit, making your look less “generic”, and more “celebrity inspired”.

Wear Pearls with Fur

A pearl necklace and fur coat, anyone? Ah, well... probably not! There is something much better and way trendier to wear! It's the fur collar and pearl necklace combo! Now that’s one idea for wearing pearls that ought to help you look amazingly glamorous this fall regardless of the occasion! A faux or real fur collar attached to a long string of pearls can be worn over a coat, in case you wish to glam up your outerwear, or as a trendy winter accessory ideal for spicing up a knitted dress (think: ballet flats and casual glam). Wearing pearls with a sequined or silk blouse (think: posh parties, fantastic heels and jeans)) or a crisp white shirt (think: power dressing with a trendy twist) will also give you a neat twist!

Like a First Lady

Speaking about ideas on how to wear pearls – is there a person or a fashion critic in this world able to find a fault in Michelle Obama’s style? Of course not! Always with a smile on her face and dressed like a true lady, this gal may not be the first First Lady but she sure is one of the most stylish ones. Copy her delicate, ladylike look by opting for a short string of pearls or doubling a longer one around your neck to wear with something classy and basic such as a cardigan, cashmere sweater, pencil skirt or a little black dress!

Colored Pearls

Faux pearls come in many shapes, sizes and colors! Why not take advantage of that and come up with a few trendy ideas for wearing pearls in order to accessorize an outfit that’s too casual or too hip for something as classic as a single or double string of delicate white pearls? Opt for neon or pastel pearls if you’re still enjoying these two trends, or browse your favorite accessory shops for necklaces made with big, silver or gold colored pearls to help you add a finishing touch to your baroque inspired outfit. You'll be certain to add your own personal flair to any outfit if you choose colored pearls!

“Chained” Pearls

Still wondering how to wear pearls in a trendy, totally non-matronly kind of way? Well, how about those glam-rock statement necklaces that have been so popular during the past years? You can even make them yourself! Opt for heavier chains if you’re hoping to make a trendy statement piece, layering and alternating between strings of pearls and chains until you’re happy with the way your necklace looks. Or, you can just purchase a few meters of thin chain to create an equally fabulous and just a bit more delicate piece that will attract attention without being too much in everyone’s face.

Knotted Pearls

Ah, well isn’t this one a great idea for wearing pearls? Can you believe a simple thing such as this one can instantly transform any necklace into an interesting, super-trendy statement piece? I sure am a big fan of knotting any necklace that, in the given moment, looks a bit too “meh” and have been doing so with not only pearls but thick bulky chains as well! Give it a go – place a long string of faux or real pearls around your neck and knot the bottom part once or twice. Experiment a bit and you’ll see that a single string can be knotted in tons of cool ways and look like a brand new statement necklace each time!

It's easy to love wearing popular trends, particularly pearls! But, what about your feelings on this classic, somewhat traditional piece of jewelry? Do you love pearls? Have you ever experimented with different ways to wear pearls? Is there, maybe, an idea for wearing pearls you can’t wait to share? Well, less clicking on Facebook and more commenting below is what I want to see! Don’t keep me in the dark for too long – deal?

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Thank you for providing pictures!

I thought pearls out of fashion but i'm wrong. Love it

I actually came across my long faux pearl necklace today and thought "when am I going to wear this?". I almost put it in my goodwill pile. IM SO GLAD I FOUND THIS!! Now Im excited to try it out in a few different ways. Thank you! (:

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