The Best Way to Wear a Pendant Necklace ...


The Best Way to Wear a Pendant Necklace ...
The Best Way to Wear a Pendant Necklace ...

Pendants are jewelry pieces that hang from a necklace chain. They come in different shapes and sizes. While a pendant necklace can transform your outfit, you probably struggle with styling it with different outfits. If you are a beginner in the world of jewelry, chances are you don’t know how to choose a pendant depending on your body type.

It’s worth noting that there are various ways of styling a pendant to create a unique and flattering look. If you are searching for new ways of upgrading your style but don’t know how to complement it with jewelry, these tips will help you wear your pendant necklaces better.

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Keep It Simple

You don’t need to wear big and flashy jewelry to look stunning. Often, the simplest style gives you a sophisticated and unique look that best compliments your body. Remember, an overly casual style can be dull and boring. Avoid such a scenario by wearing sterling silver pendants.

You can either wear one or even two with your favorite tank top or t-shirt. Complete the look with a cover-up layer such as flannel or button-down denim.

Whatever you do, ensure that your pendant and outfit colors complement each other. You can easily achieve this when the pendant and your outfit are plain colored. Styling flashy stone pendants and patterned shirts can make your final look overly busy. If this is the case, get matching colors to create depth and texture to upgrade your look.


Stand out

It’s not every day that you will see people wearing pendants. If you are attending a special occasion, take time to stand out from the crowd. Pick your best pendant from your jewelry box and complement it with your best outfit. Before you realize it, everybody in attendance will shift their attention at you at least to get a glimpse of your striking look.

Remember, there are numerous pendant types to choose from. For instance, you may choose from pearl, diamond, or precious stones adorned pendants. When it comes to choosing a pendant shape, choose one that not only represents you, but one that showcases things you are passionate about such as flowers seashells, the guitar, keys, or butterflies. You can also have a pendant in the shape of your favorite pet.


Pendants for the Office

Some people feel that pendants may be too flashy to be worn in the office. However, you can wear a carefully chosen pendant necklace to complement your official dress or blazer. The most important factor to consider is the patterns and colors involved. For instance, if you are wearing a normal official outfit, you can use the pendant to give your outfit an extra touch while displaying your exceptional sense of style.


Styling with Other Accessories

Knowing when to and when not to pair a pendant necklace with your outfit is as critical as understanding how to combine a big pendant with other ornaments. Here are some accessory
rules that will come in handy.


Avoid Big Accessories

If you opt to wear a big pendant, choose small and simple accessories such as bracelets, earrings, or rings. Keep everything as minimal as possible. Still, you want to avoid dangly or hooped earrings because they can create confusion with all your accessories battling for attention.

When you choose to wear a pendant, you can either wear studs or forget about earrings all the same. On the other hand, if you are wearing dangly earrings, you should leave your pendant at


Beware of Your Neckline

If you have problems choosing between a pendant and your earrings, you can eliminate this struggle by knowing your outfit’s neckline. Remember, some tops or dresses can easily be worn with pendant necklaces while others can’t be worn with pendant necklaces.

For instance, halter necklaces are specially made to exemplify confidence and showcase the shoulders. You can accentuate this look by wearing big earrings or holding your hair back and eliminating the pendant. Turtle necks and crew-cuts, on the other hand, can work well with pendant necklaces.


Finally ...

Choosing the best pendant necklace for your outfit and neckline is an art which when mastered can come in handy when it comes to finding the best pendant for your style. There are numerous pendants to choose from that are available in various shapes, styles, and colors.

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