7 Things to Consider when Buying a Watch ...


7 Things to Consider when Buying a Watch ...
7 Things to Consider when Buying a Watch ...

There are so many different things to consider when buying a watch. Most timepieces are very expensive, so making sure you are investing in one you will love is extremely important! Just like any costly purchase, you will want to take into account many different facets about the item so that you are making the optimal choice before you decide to buy it. If you are thinking about buying a watch, the following are things you should consider!

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Water Resistance

Water Resistance One of the first things to consider when buying a watch is water resistance. If you are one of those people who always forgets to take her cell phone out of her pocket before jumping in a pool, making sure that you have a water resistant watch may not be a bad idea. Many people think only rubber watches can be water resistant, but many luxury watches can be too. If you want to be able to shower and swim with your watch, make sure you get one that is water resistant at 10 ATM (100 meters) or more. This will ensure that your watch won't leak when it gets wet.



Price Price is always something to consider when making a new purchase. If you have allocated a certain amount of money to spend on a watch, make sure you are searching for those within your price range. Falling in love with one outside your budget can be so frustrating!



Color Do you usually wear gold jewelry or silver jewelry? Do you like bright colors or neutrals? Making sure you're looking for a watch whose color will go with your personality and what you usually wear is important, especially if you are only planning on investing in one watch. What's the point in having a gorgeous watch if it's going to clash with everything in your wardrobe, and you never wind up wearing it?!



Numbers Some watches have numbers, others Roman numerals, and others tick marks. If you have a preference for one of these styles in terms of functionality and how you read the watch, you will want to keep this in mind when you are going to buy one. Some people use their watch as more of a statement piece, but I like to make sure I can easily tell the time as well. This isn't a problem for everyone, but if you aren't a spatial person, it might be easier to have a watch that has some type of number system (as opposed to tick marks) so that you can easily read the time.



Size Size is something you should consider when looking for a watch. Watches come in all sizes, so knowing what your preference is before you start searching will make the process easier. If you don't know which sizes you prefer, try a few on and get a feel for what you are most comfortable with!



Warranty If you are planning on spending a pretty penny on a new watch, checking how long the warranty lasts is important to consider. Even the most careful person breaks things from time to time, so getting a watch with a warranty can prevent you from having to make another watch purchase in the near future.


Band Type

Band Type There are many different types of watch bands, from leather bands to bracelet bands. Even despite the obvious fact that you want to like how the type of band on your watch looks, you also should consider the type of clasp it has. If you're a person of convenience, you may want to forgo the buckle bands and stick with those that are easier to put on.

Shopping for a new watch can be fun, but making sure you are buying one that fits what you are looking for is important, especially when you are going to be spending a solid chunk of money on it. What other things do you think are important to consider before purchasing a watch?

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