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7 Crucial Tips for Choosing Investment Jewellery Wisely...

By Alison

If you're thinking of splashing out on an expensive ring or pair of earrings, you will love these tips for choosing investment jewellery Investment jewellery can mean pieces that will (hopefully) hold their value, and buying an item with the intention of selling it one day. Here I mean an expensive piece that represents quite a substantial investment for you. I'm going to give you some tips to help you spend your money wisely and choose an item of jewellery that you'll love. So try these tips for choosing investment jewellery …

1 Choose Something You Love

The first of my tips for choosing investment jewellery is that you should pick out a piece you will love wearing. It would be a shame to have a beautiful piece of jewellery that sits locked away in a safe place and is never worn. Enjoy owning something expensive; if you're going to treat it purely as an investment you may as well put the money into the highest-paying savings account you can find.

2 Insurance

Don't neglect insurance for expensive jewellery. There is a risk that it will be stolen or lost. Imagine how you'd feel if you lost your expensive necklace and knew that you couldn't even get your money back. If you can't afford insurance, you can't afford the item. It's a small price to pay for peace of mind.

3 Reputable Seller

Always buy investment jewellery from a reputable seller. If you're not knowledgeable about jewellery, then avoid buying through eBay. You can't examine the piece before buying and there are a lot of fakes. Choose a good local seller instead. Since you're going to spend a lot of money, remember that there are no bargains - you won't get a massive diamond for a few hundred dollars.

4 What Will You Wear It with?

You should also consider what you will wear the piece with. If you like an emerald, for example, do you have anything it will go with? Also consider your routine. If you lead a very active lifestyle and never go to smart events, then you're not likely to get much use out of a statement piece. Instead, choose something that you can wear and enjoy every day.

5 Your Personality

When you're spending a lot, you want something that you'll be comfortable wearing. Choose a piece that suits your personality. If you are very outgoing with a flamboyant dress sense, you can wear large, colourful items of jewellery. Someone with a more quiet character would probably prefer a pretty but subtle diamond.

6 Budget

Set a budget for your purchase, and don't go over it. Spending too much could put you in financial difficulties and lead to regret, so you won't be able to enjoy your jewellery. No matter how pretty the piece is, if you can't afford it now then save up until you can. If you can't justify paying the price then walk away. Jewellery isn't an essential purchase, and you will find something else you like.

7 Consider Carefully

Since you're buying an investment piece you should take your time before you buy anything. Wait for the right piece. You'll know it when you see it. Chances are you won't be able to buy another piece in a hurry. It would be so annoying to splash out on something you like but don't love, and then see the perfect item!

Jewellery is a frivolous purchase, but if you choose carefully it can hold its value. Don't expect it to appreciate in value though; leave that to the experts. Pick a lovely piece that you can enjoy for years and even leave to your daughter. Which designer would you love to own a piece by?

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