7 Tips for Mastering the 'Arm Party' ...


The arm party, a term coined by the popular Man Repeller blog, has really taken the fashion world by storm. Stacked bangles, bracelets, and watches seem to be permanent fixtures on many a fashionable wrist these days! However, creating an appealing arm party can almost seem like a science. Itโ€™s all about getting the right balance and achieving the right mix of eclectic and complementary details. Interested in creating a stylish arm party of your own? Then check out the next couple of tips.

1. Pick a Theme

Before you even get started with your arm party, it pays to pick a theme. Are you going for a beachy-bohemian feel, something glamorous, or something a little more edgy? Sticking to a theme will also make it easier when youโ€™re buying jewelry to create your arm party. That way, thereโ€™s a greater chance that all your pieces will match and complement each other!

Match It to Your Outfit
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