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The arm party, a term coined by the popular Man Repeller blog, has really taken the fashion world by storm. Stacked bangles, bracelets, and watches seem to be permanent fixtures on many a fashionable wrist these days! However, creating an appealing arm party can almost seem like a science. It’s all about getting the right balance and achieving the right mix of eclectic and complementary details. Interested in creating a stylish arm party of your own? Then check out the next couple of tips.

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Pick a Theme

Before you even get started with your arm party, it pays to pick a theme. Are you going for a beachy-bohemian feel, something glamorous, or something a little more edgy? Sticking to a theme will also make it easier when you’re buying jewelry to create your arm party. That way, there’s a greater chance that all your pieces will match and complement each other!


Match It to Your Outfit

Just like when picking a theme for your arm party, it’s important that your collection complements or boldly contrasts your outfit. Otherwise it could end up looking oddly out of place. For example, if you’re wearing a leather jacket, try statement pieces like a spiked cuff or chunky watch on your arm party. Alternatively, brightly colored bracelets could be used in contrast to a minimal white outfit.


It Takes Three

The bare minimum for an arm party would be three pieces. Otherwise it’s less of a party and more of a cosy date. If you’re new to the arm party game, then definitely start with less and build up to a more crowded arm. A chunky watch and two bracelets are perfect for a simple, polished take on the arm party.


Mix Your Metals

While we often get told that mixing gold and silver can be a no-no, here's where you can bend those rules! When it comes to the arm party, the more the merrier! Silver, black, gold, and rose-gold metals can all potentially look great alongside each other.


Size Matters

Create that eclectic look by picking different size bangles and bracelets. Try teaming a thicker bangle with plenty of slimmer bangles to create some sort of balance. That said, avoid pairing anything too heavy with anything too dainty, otherwise it could look a bit off.


Know when Enough is Enough

While you might be tempted by the ‘more is more’ motto that seems to be sweeping the fashion world right now, when it comes to the arm party, it pays to know when enough is enough. Too many baubles on your wrist can end up looking comical. When your arm party starts creeping up to your elbows, it’s probably time to check into arm party rehab.


Throw Caution to the Wind

Failing all previous tips, just throw caution to the wind and go with what you think looks best. Everybody has a different taste and style, and really, your arm party should be a reflection of your personality and personal tastes. Parties are all about having fun, right?

I have to admit, I’m not a master of the arm party just yet, but hopefully taking a cue from these tips will help me on my way! Are you a fan of the arm party? What are your best tips for creating the perfect stacked wrists? Thank you for reading!

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@paps thanks!! I just went to Pinterest and put it on my must buy list

I actually ended up buying one of those clap on leather bracelets and talked to the lady who sells them too. The product is actually, for a change, better than the pic. It is quite an unusual piece. I just mentioned a similar necklace on one of the necklace posts.

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