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If you want your outfit to really make a statement, toss on a statement necklace. They come in tons of different sizes and shapes, so you'll definitely find a few you love. If you're not sure what you'd wear them with, follow BHG's advice.

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Wear with V-Necks

Wear with V-Necks They can look amazing with v-necks.


Wear with Collared Shirts

Wear with Collared Shirts You won't look any less professional with a statement necklace. It can actually enhance your outfit.


Wear Two at Once

Wear Two at Once If one looks too bland, you can layer them together. Just don't get the chains tangled.


Wear Colorful Necklaces

Wear Colorful Necklaces Don't be afraid to wear bold shades. Statement necklaces can come in some pretty funky colors, so use them to your advantage.


Don't Wear Too Much Jewelry at Once

Don't Wear Too Much Jewelry at Once If you're going to wear an attention grabbing necklace, don't wear too many bracelets or earrings with it. You want to wear your jewelry in moderation.


Wear with High Necklines

Wear with High Necklines This is the best type of shirt to wear a statement necklace with! Of course, if you want others to notice the jewelry, you might want to wear your hair up. It'll give you a more sophisticated look.


Wear with Stripes

Wear with Stripes They look great with stripes, because it breaks up the pattern of your shirt. It'll really make your necklace pop.

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