8 Tips on How to Care for Fake Jewelry ...


If you own a lot of accessories, then you may have wondered how to care for fake jewelry! I love my real jewels, but most of my accessory wardrobe consists of trendy faux pieces. Iโ€™ve learned a few tips for how to care for fake jewelry over the years and would love to share them with you. These tips will help extend the life of your jewelry if you apply them!

1. Donโ€™t Get It Wet

If you want to know how to care for fake jewelry, then you should know that getting fake jewelry wet is harmful to the piece. Anytime you shower, bathe, go swimming, wash dishes, or even wash your hands, try to take off your jewelry. Getting it wet every now and then is ok, but over time, water can cause rust and discoloration, especially if there is soap scum left on your jewelry pieces.

Put Your Jewelry on Last
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