8 Tips on How to Care for Fake Jewelry ...


8 Tips on How to Care for Fake Jewelry ...
8 Tips on How to Care for Fake Jewelry ...

If you own a lot of accessories, then you may have wondered how to care for fake jewelry! I love my real jewels, but most of my accessory wardrobe consists of trendy faux pieces. I’ve learned a few tips for how to care for fake jewelry over the years and would love to share them with you. These tips will help extend the life of your jewelry if you apply them!

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Don’t Get It Wet

If you want to know how to care for fake jewelry, then you should know that getting fake jewelry wet is harmful to the piece. Anytime you shower, bathe, go swimming, wash dishes, or even wash your hands, try to take off your jewelry. Getting it wet every now and then is ok, but over time, water can cause rust and discoloration, especially if there is soap scum left on your jewelry pieces.


Put Your Jewelry on Last

When you’re getting ready, wait until last to put on your jewelry. Perfume and hairspray can be harmful to fake jewelry, so you don’t want to spray yourself with these products while wearing fake jewelry. It’s ok to wear the jewelry after you have already applied these products though!


Don’t Wear Lotion

If you’re planning to wear jewelry, you should refrain from putting lotion on the areas that your jewelry will be touching! If lotion is not fully absorbed, it can leave a residue on the jewelry that dulls its glow. And, as you sweat, and the lotion comes out your pores, it will continue to build up on your jewelry.


Proper Storage

Did you know that exposure to air isn’t the best thing for fake jewelry? It encourages discoloration and fading! To store your jewelry the right way, avoid hanging it out in the open. Store it in a lined jewelry box, and don’t mix different colored metals. Keep silver items together and gold items together so they don’t rub off on each other.


Clean Your Jewelry Occasionally

While you don’t want to get your jewelry wet too often, it’s ok to clean it every now and then. You can use a little baby shampoo and warm water, and gently scrub with an old toothbrush. To really polish something up, use a little dab of toothpaste! Denture cleanser also works to remove buildup and enhance shine, but don’t use denture cleanser on any jewelry items with paint or glue, since it will dissolve away!


Take off Jewelry While Doing Housework

Cleaning products have an adverse effect on fake jewelry, so be sure and remove any rings or bracelets before you start scrubbing the floors! Some people have even had a skin reaction when fake metals and cleaning solution interacted and touched their skin! It’s best just to take off your jewelry while doing any housework.


Don’t Workout in Jewelry

Before you hit up the gym, remove any jewelry, fake or not. It’s easier to workout without anything getting in your way, plus sweat buildup on jewelry, whether it’s real or fake, is harmful to the stones. I’ve even lost a ring due to sweaty fingers before!


Check Your Jewelry Periodically

To keep your jewelry in tip-top shape, periodically do some checking up on pieces you wear often. Loose stones? Glue them back! Chipped paint? Try to touch it up. Loosened clasps can be tightened or replaced as well. Taking care of your accessories ensures a longer life span for them!

These tips will extend the life of your fake jewelry pieces and help keep them looking brand new! You may not spend as much money on fake jewelry as you do on the real thing, but it is still money spent. And you can find some really cute pieces out there for a good deal! How do you care for your fake jewelry?

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thats really coool, because all those tips work. they say you can also paint clear polish over jewlery to keep it from tarnishing .

I also paint any of my fake jewelry with clear top coat that is normally used for nails. It keeps my jewelry the same color that I bought it

Thank you so very helpful:)

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