7 Unique Facts about Diamonds You Did Not Know ...


7 Unique Facts about Diamonds You Did Not Know ...
7 Unique Facts about Diamonds You Did Not Know ...

Facts about Diamonds are like the hot new book written by your favorite author – you know you want to take a peek but you’re afraid you already know how it ends. You know that saying, “Never judge a book by its cover”? Well, by the time you’re finished reading these cool facts about diamonds, I bet you’ll realize the same can be said for these precious rocks. Some things will shock you, some will make you laugh and some could even make a jeweler gasp in disbelief, so have fun reading this list of seven totally interesting, must-know facts about diamonds!

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Diamonds Come in Many Colors

Diamonds Come in Many Colors White or clear diamonds are the most popular ones, no doubt about that and, if you’re a Sex and The City fan, I’m sure you’re familiar with the black diamond as well. These two colors, however, aren’t the only ones out there which pretty much means they exist in almost every color. These, so called “fancy colored diamonds” aren’t as popular as the standard, clear ones but, if you ever feel the need to get a less conventional and equally pricy “bling”, rest assured you can get your “rock” in blue, pink or even yellow!


Diamonds Have Many Uses

Diamonds Have Many Uses From special blades to drills and polishing tools – diamonds sure have many uses and if you wear prescription eye glasses then I’m sure you’ll find these facts about diamonds very interesting! Why? Because we have diamonds and their amazing ability to cut lenses to thank for being able to walk into the store, pick out that gorgeous pair of glasses and have them fitted and ready to wear in just a couple of hours! Diamonds have been used in jewelry for maaany maaany years now and although you might feel the need to scream, “Duuuh!” and give me the what-kind-of-idiot-do-you-take-me-for look, let me just say it had nothing to do with price, shine or status symbols! You see, before jewelers have realized how precious diamond really is, they basically used it as a tool, to cut and engrave other gems!


De Beers is the Most Powerful Diamond Cartel in the World

De Beers is the Most Powerful Diamond Cartel in the World Ever heard about a guy named Cecil Rhodes? I’m sure you did, I’m sure you’ll agree that this fella has one really interesting resume and I’m also sure you’re wondering what does he have to do with facts about diamonds! Well, I won’t keep you guessing for much longer then so hope you like success stories as his is definitely one of them. Mr. Rhodes is the founder of De Beers, the most powerful diamond company today (yesterday and tomorrow included). De Beers mines diamonds, De Beers sells diamonds and since De Beers controls a staggering 70% of the diamond market, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that De Beers decides who gets which diamonds, when and under which terms. Not so bad – Right?


Diamonds Are Not as Rare as We Might Think

Diamonds Are Not as Rare as We Might Think Sure, Mother Nature is really not rushing it when it comes to diamonds and most of them are about two or three billions of years old which may lead us to believe diamonds are rare gems with a completely suitable price. Not true… at least not completely! You see, ladies, even the diamonds our children and the children of our children will eventually wear are already extracted for the Earth’s crust and are waiting to be put on the market. Diamonds are a luxury item just like your vintage Chanel bag or that sold out pair of Christian Louboutin shoes you’ve been accused of babying too much and they wouldn’t be so expensive if the demand didn’t exceed the supply greatly. In order to use this simple rule of economy in their advantage, the companies ( read: De Beers) are basically holding on to their diamonds, releasing very limited quantities each year.


The Biggest Diamond is Actually a Celestial Body

The Biggest Diamond is Actually a Celestial Body Read carefully ladies, as this is one of those facts about diamonds I’m sure you’ll remember forever! So, the next time a guy tries to pass a cheesy line that goes something like, “tell me which star you like and I’ll get it for you”, tell him that you have a special one in mind. A star I’m talking about is actually a big chunk of crystallized carbon located in the Centaurus constellation. Oh, and just in case you’re wondering how big are we talking about here, let me just say this - 10 billion trillion trillion carats!


Lab-grown Diamonds of Today Are Just as Good as the Real Ones

Lab-grown Diamonds of Today Are Just as Good as the Real Ones … and, sadly, just expensive as the real ones! I’ve seen a very interesting TV show about this and, believe me, making diamonds may not be a job as dirty as actually mining them, but it sure is just as hard. Companies that specialize in producing artificial diamonds basically do everything the nature does which pretty much results in diamonds that look, feel, shine or, in short, have the properties of natural ones. Modern technology, knowledge and years of research are there to help shorten this process significantly so instead of waiting billions of years, a diamond can now be made in just a couple of days.


Diamond Engagement Rings Are a Marketing Trick

Diamond Engagement Rings Are a Marketing Trick Your engagement ring, my engagement ring and all those humongous rocks celebrities proposed they Chanel-wearing famous wives with are all a part of the longest and maybe the biggest marketing campaign ever and that’s also one of those interesting fact about diamonds I think you’d want to know. Afore mentioned De Beers needed to change the way 1930’s America saw diamonds so it hired N.W. Ayer & Son who, of course, knew exactly how to make it happen. This advertising agency didn’t just use the oldest trick in the book they have practically invented it, their target market, of course, being people who are yet to get married, raise children and teach them a thing or two about romance. Diamonds instantly became the most romantic way to propose, celebrities were literally hired to wear them, kids have been given lectures about diamonds and the important role they play in this big moment – I’m talking about a massive, extensive, long lasting brain wash here, ladies!

But they don’t have to be rare or the ultimate symbol of romance, sparkle is just fine for me, thanks! LOL! Now, aren’t these the most interesting facts about diamonds you’ve ever read, ladies! In fact, there is one very interesting question I’d like to ask you now – Can these facts about diamonds change the way you feel about them?

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Stopped in a jewelry store the other night to drop my ring off to have a prong repaired. The man looked at my diamond and told me it was cracked in half!!! It would probably fall in two if he removed it from the setting. Aren't diamonds supossed to be the "hardest" type of stone?! Why would mine crack? Well... apparently the store "at the mall" we'd purchased it from many, many yrs ago was known for selling junk. Some diamonds are "damaged" and "filled" and then still sold to the unsuspecting public. Thinkin i'm gonna have the stone replaced w my birthstone instead of a new diamond. Funny thing... that's what i'd really wanted when we got hte diamond and the store manager talked me out of it. HA!

Did you know people here in South Asia believe that the diamond does not 'suit' everyone. I've had people ask me to take off my diamond wedding ring if ever I'm sick (my husband too for that matter) as it brings bad luck to some people. One logic I've heard is that nature makes the diamond inaccessible (years and years to ripen!) for this very reason. I'm not saying I believe that though. If you like it then there's no reason why you shouldn't get it.

Elegant necklaces. Like this one.

This is a very informative and entertaining article! Damn that DeBeers group!

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