7 Unique Facts about Diamonds You Did Not Know ...

Facts about Diamonds are like the hot new book written by your favorite author – you know you want to take a peek but you’re afraid you already know how it ends. You know that saying, “Never judge a book by its cover”? Well, by the time you’re finished reading these cool facts about diamonds, I bet you’ll realize the same can be said for these precious rocks. Some things will shock you, some will make you laugh and some could even make a jeweler gasp in disbelief, so have fun reading this list of seven totally interesting, must-know facts about diamonds!

1. Diamonds Come in Many Colors

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White or clear diamonds are the most popular ones, no doubt about that and, if you’re a Sex and The City fan, I’m sure you’re familiar with the black diamond as well. These two colors, however, aren’t the only ones out there which pretty much means they exist in almost every color. These, so called “fancy colored diamonds” aren’t as popular as the standard, clear ones but, if you ever feel the need to get a less conventional and equally pricy “bling”, rest assured you can get your “rock” in blue, pink or even yellow!

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